Tantric massage on a female’s yoni

Hi there, as follows are the techniques that I apply when massaging a woman’s yoni. For those interested in having a session with me, please email me your contact details at: paddy.mcbrian@gmail.com

I offer this services to women living in the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you are a visitor coming to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a visit, might want to contact me for Tantric massage session as well..


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Gals – 5 hottest words to say during sex with your man.

Dirty talk is something that every woman can do, but some women have to get over their shyness in order to do it effectively. But the whole process need not be too forced, and you don’t have to memorize a line or two to say during sex. It’s the spontaneity of the act of dirty talk that makes the sex hotter.

If you think about it, there are things that you usually say during sex, which means you’re doing this unconsciously. But even moaning out your partner’s name could get old, especially if it’s all that you utter every time you make love. You can increase your arsenal of ‘sex words’ right now.

“Ram It In”

Ramming is a word that brings to mind a forceful action. Just the mention of the verb ‘ram’ reminds you of a huge timber being pounded on a medieval castle’s entrance (i.e. a battering ram). Instead of saying ‘f—- me,’ you can say ‘ram me.’

The F-word is not all that when it comes to dirty talk, particularly if you live in a place where this word is used quite often as a cuss word or as a part of a normal conversation.” Therefore, you should think of another word to describe what you want your partner to do during sex.


Said in a certain way, this word takes on a sexual meaning that is so profound it makes a man go at it harder. Saying “yes” during sex makes your partner feel that he is doing something good and that you want him to keep doing it. If you simply cannot think of anything to say, use this word to express your delight and to alert him that you’re about to orgasm.

“My Pussy”

Hearing you refer to your vagina as ‘cunt’ or ‘pussy’ will excite your man, particularly if you’re not the type to swear or cuss on a regular basis. Instead of saying ‘touch my vagina,’ say ‘touch my pussy’ and instantly turn an ordinary request into dirty talk.

“Let Me Suck You Dry Tonight”

When you say this line, your man will instantly think of a prolonged blowjob session in which you will diligently stroke and lick him until he reaches orgasm. This is best said before sex right after a particularly long kiss, or while you’re sliding down his body with the intention of giving him head.

“You’re Making Me Horny”

Saying this line brings out the naughty personality of your man. Just knowing that his teasing is producing the desired effect makes him more excited.

It’s not that difficult to start dirty talk, especially when you’re with someone you care about. Just remember to act natural so that he won’t feel like you’re forcing yourself into dirty talk for his sake. Moreover, saying these words will convey your willingness to become more adventurous in bed, particularly if you have always been shy about your sexuality.

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Guys – 5 hottest words to say during sex with your woman.

Dirty talk is a big part of sex. There’s no describing the level of arousal that a kinky phrase or two can put you in. Some of us do it consciously to goad a girl deeper into ecstasy, while some do it unconsciously. If you’re engaged in hot sex with a girl, here are some of the hottest phrases to tell her.

“My Bitch”

There’s a certain finesse that should accompany this phrase. Say it like you would ‘my darling’ or ‘princess.’ There are many girls out there who get excited just hearing this phrase during sex.

Women who are usually stubborn and with a lot of ‘girl power’ outside the bedroom like this dirty talk phrase in the sexual context, most likely because the term ‘bitch’ indicates surrendering (or losing) control because of extreme pleasure. These girls are also the ones who won’t take offense at the term, especially when said in the most adoring tone.


What excites women is the notion that they’re doing something extremely evil during sex, not unlike the quintessential dominatrix characters who like BDSM in popular movies. Use this dirty talk when you’re encouraging your girl to do what she wants with your body, take the lead and stay on top during intercourse.

“So Good”

Not many guys understand that girls need more than just the occasional grunts of pleasure from their partners. This phrase sounds sexy coming from a guy who’s tensed up and about to have an orgasm. This phrase affirms that she’s giving you pleasure, which is gratifying especially when she’s going down on you.

“You’re Beautiful”

Believe it or not, this phrase can actually be considered dirty talk. Inside the bedroom, this phrase is like napalm. Use it while you’re on top of her or when she’s facing you; and before she enters her orgasmic phase. A girl becomes conscious of how she looks while having sex, and telling her she’s pretty even if her face is scrounged up in pleasure can boost her arousal.

If you’re torn between ‘you’re beautiful’ and ‘you’re sexy,” choose the former. Sexy is something that a woman is insecure about. What she knows as ‘sexy’ may have something to do with the type of woman that would fit inside a size 2 dress. The word ‘beautiful,’ on the other hand, has a certain ring to it that makes a woman feel all giddy and aroused.

“Want More? I’ll Give You More”

This isn’t just a passé line from a Britney Spears song, it’s something that tells a girl you’re not going to cut her pleasure short anytime soon. Remember, women can have multi[le orgasms, which means they’re ready to go again as soon as they finish their first orgasm. Telling her this means she can expect you to last all night, or at least longer than you usually do.

When you decide to try dirty talk, mind your tone. Don’t try talking dirty when you’re pissed off, as it will come out differently. Your objective is to make her hot, not to embarrass or humiliate her during sex.

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How the working-people have sex.

ACCOUNTANTS are good with figures.
ACTORS do it on cue.
ADVERTISERS use the “new, improved” method.
ANSI does it in the standard way
ARCHEOLOGISTS like it old.
ARCHITECTS have great plans.
ARTISTS are exhibitionists.
ASSEMBLY LINE WORKERS do it over and over.
ASTRONOMERS do it with Uranus.
ATTORNEYS make better motions.
AUDITORS like to examine figures.
BABYSITTERS charge by the hour.
BAILIFFS always come to order.
BAKERS knead it daily.
BAND MEMBERS play all night.
BANKERS do it with interest – penalty for early withdrawal.
BARBERS do it with shear pleasure.
BARTENDERS do it on the rocks.
BASEBALL PLAYERS make it to first base.
BASKETBALL PLAYERS score more often.
BEEKEEPERS like to eat their honey.
BEER BREWERS do it with more hops.
BEER DRINKERS get more head.
BICYCLISTS do it with 10 speeds.
BOOKKEEPERS do it with double entry.
BOSSES delegate the task to others.
BOWLERS have bigger balls.
BRICKLAYERS lay all day.
BRIDGE PLAYERS try to get a rubber.
BUS DRIVERS come early and pull out on time.
BUTCHERS have better meat.
CAMPERS do it in a tent.
CARPENTERS hammer it harder.
CARPET LAYERS do it on the floor.
CHEERLEADERS do it with more enthusiasm.
CHEMISTS like to experiment.
CHESS PLAYERS check their mates.
CHIROPRACTORS do it by manipulation.
CLOCK MAKERS do it mechanically.
CLOWNS do it for laughs.
COACHES whistle while they work.
COBOL PROGRAMMERS do it with bugs.
COCKTAIL WAITRESSES serve highballs.
COMPUTER GAME PLAYERS just can’t stop.
COMPUTER OPERATORS get the most out of their software.
CONSTRUCTION WORKERS lay a better foundation.
CONSULTANTS tell other how to do it.
COPS have bigger guns.
COWBOYS handle anything horny.
COWGIRLS like to ride bareback.
CRANE OPERATORS have swinging balls.
CREDIT MANAGERS always collect.
DANCERS do it in leaps and bounds.
DEER HUNTERS will do anything for a buck.
DENTAL HYGIENISTS do it till it hurts.
DENTISTS do it in your mouth.
DETECTIVES do it under cover.
DIETICIANS eat better.
DIRECT MAILERS get it in the sack.
DIVERS do it deeper.
DOCTORS do it with patience.
DRUGGISTS fill your prescription.
DRUMMERS do it in 4/4 time.
DRY WALLER’S are better bangers.
ELECTRICIANS check your shorts.
ENGINEERS charge by the hour.
EXECUTIVES have large staffs.
FARMERS spread it around.
FIREMEN are always in heat.
FISHERMEN are proud of their rods.
FOOTBALL PLAYERS are measured by the yard.
FOUR-WHEELERS eat more bush.
FURRIERS appreciate good beaver.
GARBAGE MEN come once a week.
GARDENERS have 50 foot hoses.
GEOLOGISTS are great explorers.
GOLFERS do it in 18 holes.
GYMNASTS mount and dismount well.
HACKERS do it with fewer instructions.
HAIRDRESSERS give the best blow jobs.
HAM OPERATORS do it with frequency.
HANDYMEN like good screws.
HEWLETT PACKARD does it with precision.
HORSEBACK RIDERS stay in the saddle longer.
HUNTERS do it with a bang.
INSURANCE SALESMEN are premium lovers.
INTERIOR DECORATORS do it all over the house.
INVENTORS find a way.
JANITORS clean up afterwards.
JEWELERS mount real gems.
JOGGERS do it on the run.
LANDSCAPERS plant it deeper.
LAWYERS do it in their briefs.
LIBRARIANS do it quietly.
LOCKSMITHS can get into anything.
MACHINISTS make the best screws.
MAGICIANS are quicker than the eye.
MAINTENANCE MEN sweep ’em off their feet.
MANAGERS supervise others.
MARKETING REPS do it on commission.
MILKMEN deliver twice a week.
MILLIONAIRES pay to have it done.
MINERS sink deeper shafts.
MINISTERS do it on Sundays.
MISSILE MEN have better thrust.
MODELS do it in any position.
MODEM MANUFACTURERS do it with all sorts of characters.
MOTORCYCLISTS like something hot between their legs.
MOVIE STARS do it on film.
MUSICIANS do it with rhythm.
NONSMOKERS do it without huffing and puffing.
NURSES call the shots.
OCEANOGRAPHERS do it down under.
OPERATORS do it person-to-person.
OPTOMETRISTS do it face-to-face.
PAINTERS do it with longer strokes.
PHYSICISTS do it with uniform harmonic motion.
PILOTS keep it up longer.
PLUMBERS do it under the sink.
POLICEMEN like big busts.
POLITICIANS do it for 4 years then have to get re-erected.
POSTMEN come slower.
PRINTERS do it without wrinkling the sheets.
PRINTERS reproduce the fastest.
PROCTOLOGISTS do it in the end.
PROFESSORS do it by the book.
RACERS like to come in first.
RACQUETBALL PLAYERS do it off the wall..
RADIO and TV ANNOUNCERS broadcast it.
REAL ESTATE PEOPLE know all the prime spots.
RECYCLERS use it again.
REPAIRMEN can fix anything.
REPORTERS do it daily.
RESEARCHERS are still looking for it.
RETAILERS move their merchandise.
ROOFERS do it on top.
RUNNERS get into more pants.
SAILORS like to be blown.
SALESPEOPLE have away with their tongues.
SCIENTISTS discovered it.
SECRETARIES do it from 9 to 5.
SKYDIVERS are good till the last drop.
SOCCER PLAYERS have leather balls.
SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS are oral specialists.
SPELUNKERS do it underground.
SPORTSCASTERS like an instant replay.
STEWARDESSES do it in the air.
STUDENTS use their heads.
SURGEONS are smooth operators.
TAILORS make it fit.
TAXI DRIVERS do it all over town.
TAXIDERMISTS mount anything.
TELEPHONE CO. EMPLOYEES let their fingers do the walking.
TELLERS can handle all deposits and withdrawals.
TENNIS PLAYERS have fuzzy balls.
TRUCK DRIVERS have bigger dipsticks.
TRUCKERS carry bigger loads.
TYPISTS do it in triplicate.
VETERINARIANS are pussy lovers.
WAITRESSES serve it piping hot.
WATER SKIERS come down harder.
WELDERS have hotter rods.
WRESTLERS know the best holds.
WRITERS have novel ways.
ZOOLOGISTS do it with animal instinct.

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The misunderstood maneuver.

The restaurant was packed full with diners when all of a sudden, there was a terrible commotion and a woman began to choke on a piece of food. Quick as a flash, a man ran forward grabbed the woman and put her face-down on the floor. Then he pulled down her knickers and licked her bottom. Immediately, the woman coughed up the piece of food and stood up fully recovered. As the man walked back to his table, his companion looked at him in astonishment. “Bloody hell, I’ve never seen anything like that before!’ he exclaimed. “That’s called the Hindlick maneuver”, the man replied.

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Our Three Hours of Lust.

A hotel room for our need to privacy,
Spending all three hours away from a busy schedule,
A long distance relationship tested by the time apart,
In reality it just brought us closer.
The lust for each other,
Not being able to let you lie in my arms,
No substitutes only you will do,
The space,
The trials we endured,
The nights we lie awake,
The fantasies we play in our heads,
The tasks we conjure up and plan to do to one another,
Anticipation to be together to play out those fantasies,
Counting down the weeks, the days,
The hours,
Till I am with you again,
The nerve tingling drive in,
I replay every little deed I cannot wait to do to you,
All three quarters of an hour’s of the drive I receive these dirty, sexy texts,
As more thoughts run through my mind,
Of all the things that will drive you crazy,
The things that will leave you begging for more,
Only a matter of time before I am there in person,
And can actually do these deeds to you,
As I pull into the front of your apartment, emotions begin to flutter,
You get into the car, dressed sexily, exposing your cleavage me,
We hadn’t pulled away from the driveway to your apartment before I was already slipping my hand into your blouse, fondling your breasts,
Emotions are whirling as you rub your hand against my crotch, feeling my hardness,
Reaching the hotel . I pull you out of the car as I shove you gently against the door,
Planting a well overdue kiss,
A long forceful drawn out kiss,
A kiss that made me wanna just collapse & fall to on knees to kiss you between the legs.
Suddenly I was jolted to reality,
You had pulled away breaking the kiss,
In my uncontainable excitement, I led you to the hotel lobby, getting formalities out of the way as we finally made our way up the lift to our bedroom,
I lead you through the corridors, and finally into our room,
Not stopping to let you go, I locked the door with my hands still holding your body,
I did not release you or cease hugging your body until we made it to the bed,
Kicking off my shoes, I lovingly removed your heels, kissing and sniffing your feet,
Gently, I push you down on the bed, licking the soles of your feet, sucking each toe,
And just like that we picked that kiss right back up like it never stopped,
Kissing began to lead to caressing,
Those long forceful kisses alternate between soft sweet pecks,
Those wide open mouth kisses,
You begin to slip your tongue into my mouth,
Your tongue explores each and every inch of my mouth,
Your tongue plays and tickles mine,
It wraps around mine in a warm silk sheet,
I begin to nibble on your lower lip,
I move my way from your lips as hard as it is,
Kissing my way to your earlobe,
Sucking and nibbling your earlobe,
As I whisper a few things I plan to do to you,
Kissing down your neck I pull away to slip your blouse off,
I continue to kiss back down your neck then down your curvaceous breasts,
Kissing every inch of your breasts, as I pull each breast out your silky brassier,
Slipping one nipple at a time into my hungry mouth, sucking on them till you moan,
Encouraged by your moans and gasps, I begin to kiss down your torso,
I kiss my way down to your belly button, slipping my tongue into your belly button
Before heading south to your panty line, kissing and nibbling along that border,
As I nibble you begin to squirm and pull me back up,
I begin to kiss my way back to your mouth only to get there and pull away,
Teasingly I sit up and slip out of my shirt, baring my chest for you to adore,
You grab me and pull me back into you so that I am lying on your bare chest,
Your warm skin against mine, so soft so warm a feeling of ecstasy and comfort,
A feeling I have been yearning for, for quite some time now,
I begin to kiss back down to your pants line only not to stop and linger around their top,
I move down to unbuckle your belt working wonders with my mouth
Not only to stop there I move on to your button and work it and then your zipper with my tongue,  it always turns me on to see you dressed in your working pants,
I continue to remove your pants with my mouth,
Once off I kiss my way back up your leg, paying delicate attention to your inner thighs,
I slip your matching silk panties off, pulling to my face as I naughtily sniff the crotch,
I kiss my way back up to your lips, we lie there caught up in each other nothing else matters,
I roll off to the side slip my trousers off, kicking them aside, out of our way,
I climb so that I am now straddling you,
You feel my member hard and throbbing underneath me, rubbing against your thighs,
I can feel the warmth and growth as it leaks between your legs,
I begin to nibble on your lip then slowly lure your tongue into mine as they dance back and forth,  in a quick flash, you turned me on my back and climbed on top of me,
You  kiss down my neck to my chest then down to where my trouser line had been,
You kiss all around below my touser line, and feel you tease and even lick my member,
As you do just the lightest bit of teasing, you gasp whenever I  thrust my hips into you,
I sense my little bit of a reaction has gotten wet and running down my thighs,
My member is raging and you finally pulled my member out of the confinements of my underwear and just so lightly peck and gently kiss its engorged pink mushroom head,
It made me let out a gasp and made my body jolt uncontrollably with anticipation,
As you place the head in your mouth to lightly caress it, sucking and licking as I feel you wrap your hot wet tongue around it,
You suck vigorously as I move my member up and down into your moist mouth,
You pull my throbbing cock out and kiss its head as you kiss your way down its shaft,
I feel you kiss and lick my balls, placing them one by one in your mouth & caress them,
I gasped when you placed them both in your mouth and roll them around,
You licked from the bottom of my balls up my shaft & flip your tongue around the head,
You then take my whole member in as you suck and lick, taking it as deep as you can,
I grab your hair pulling you closer to me as yoI thrust even deeper trying not to gag you,
You rub your pussy against my legs and I feel your wetness running down my legs,
As you rub your pussy in close and hard against my leg, I sense you losing all control and tried to hold back until you could not any longer,
You let your wall down and gave in as you come, you cry out my name,
Relentless, you pulled yourself up towards you, removing my underwear completely,
You are now on top of me, adjusting yourself to straddle me,
Your wetness just soaks my member as you feel my throbs even more as I slip into you,
I push myself up to kiss you, as my cock bask in the warmth of your wetness,
You cannot take it anymore,
You grab me pulling me tight into you as you start to rock and sway your hips over me,
You ride me harder and faster as I feel the spasms in your pussy squeeze my cockhead,
I know you are coming to your next orgasm, and you delivered by riding my cock hard,
Screaming while your body shuddered and hugged me tightly, riding out its intensity,
You slumped down onto me and I whispered “it’s my turn to tease and drive you wild”
I flipped you over on your back and regained the top position over you,
I then begin to kiss the nape of your neck,
Kissing leads to biting,
I then kiss down to your breasts, you give into your lust as I  flicker your nipples with my tongue, teasing your nipples as I begin to suck and nibble,
You let out a moan as you feel your member raging & ever so ready rubbing against you,
Using your hand, you slip just the head into your body jolting as you squeal,
This is what I have been waiting for, pure ecstasy consumes my body,
I continue teasing your breasts as I slip just my head in and out of your tight hot wet pussy,
Only my head penetrates and pull out just to enough to leave you begging for more,
Your pussy is soaked and craving so much more as you stroke your clit while my head goes in and out,
“Baby quit teasing I need much more from you, I need all of you,
Shove him in you know you wanna, please just fuck me!”
I beg only as you tease more and more,
“I want your full raging cock DON”T hold back” you cried
“Baby give me my KEY, I need it” you whispered
At that you feel the surge of my whole mass slip into your wet pussy as you gasp,
“Don’t hold back baby fuck me rough, make love to me, I don’t care love me hard,
I feel your mass grow even more once inside me”, you screamed.
As I thrust forcefully, and hard,
You grab my head and pull it towards yours so that you can moan into my ear,
Your hands find my back as your nails dig deep, pulling me deeper into you,
As I reach my point of no return, I see it in your eyes that you feel it too,
I force myself deep as fast as I can possibly thrust into you,
The nerve numbing climax sends my body into tremors as I fight to control my impulse,
You then roll me over so that you are now riding my rigid pulsating mass,
As you slid up and down on me, you pull me so that I am sitting upright,
Your hand reaches between us and starts massaging my balls,
Sending my body back into tremors as I stop thrusting into you fighting the urge to cum as I roll you over placing us in doggy style,
You feel my mass slip back into you as you let out another moan,
I hold your hips in place not that I need it I feel you pressing against my thrusts,
One hand move one up to hold your breasts, and the other down in between your thighs, finding your clit as I kept stroking it,
You had to burrow your face down into the pillows to muffle your moans,
As I keep thrusting and stroking,
My legs and hand soaked with your wetness,
I feel your body shudder again as another wave of orgasmic ecstasy rip through you,
I feel myself going over the edge as I ejaculate streams of white liquid inside you,
There is a puddle below us as I leak out of you, your legs begin to shake,
My body cannot take much more,
I collapse and fall on top of you as you fall forward from sheer exhaustion,
We lay there our bodies entangled in a sweaty mass,
We just lay there in our embrace,
Gazing at each other in our love struck eyes,
A moment of pure bliss,
Nothing else in the world but the two of us,
We lay there in one another’s arms, as you fondle my limp shaft, Bring life to it again, leading to session of tenderness,
Ending with me ejaculating into your mouth,
For you to have your share of my love juices, nourishing you,
Sustaining you till the next time we meet again,
For another 3 hours session of lust.

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The Sexy Caddie

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