Aunt Sally and her daughter Sandra

It’s time for me to introduce to you to Aunty Sally, whom I had mention briefly in my previous posting on my experience with my gay best friend. She is the wife to a colleague of my Dad in the mining town they were working in. She was almost half her husband’s age and apparently she was also his second wife. He had divorced the first one whom he had a daughter with and now, at 17 years old lived with her dad and Aunty Sally. As I recall, Aunty Sally was one hot looking 26 years old Japanese lady with really stunning features, long shiny black hair, long slender smooth legs and boobs that seems to scream for loving attention. She always wore tight fitting shorts that seem to run up her bum and thin t-shirts clearly highlighting her unsupported tits. Aunty Sally never believed in wearing bras as it restricts her movements she always claimed. She had really sexy pouty lips that makes you want to attach your lips to it forever. Ah yes, Aunty Sally was the hottest sex-siren in our small mining town and the cause of many cocks getting erected and wasted semen spilled wanked out just at the thought of her wiggling ass when she strides down the streets of our humble town. I’m sure many men during those times were imagining fucking Aunty Sally when they carried out the marital duties as a husband to their wives.

Aunty Sally was very well aware of the fact that she was the talk of the town as the men talked dirty fantasizing about her and the women were busy making up new gossips to share amongst themselves. Aunty Sally didn’t bother with all that except that she was never comfortable mixing with the town folks knowing full well and every new contact with them only brought about new gossips and slanderous thoughts. But she always liked to come to our house as she knew without doubt that my parents do not condone gossips within the family nor do they take notice of unfounded rumors from outside, and because of that, Aunty Sally felt comfortable spending time at our place while her husband is at work, feeling at ease to speak her mind and let loose her thoughts without worrying about it being spread around town. I had no complains about her visits as a matter of fact, needless to say, I would always wait in eager anticipation for her to come over so that I can secretly drool and slobber over her hot body. I just loved watching those small perky nipples poke against her t-shirt and sometimes when she uncrosses her legs, I swear I could see traces of her black pubic hair sticking out the sides of her panties between her legs. Looking at the outlines of her bum cheeks below her tight shorts never failed to make me take a trip to the bathroom looking for the baby oil.

Aunty Sally also liked to sit with her legs on a foot stool, thighs wide open showing a swollen crotch that is so extremely sexy. With her legs on the stool, she always provided me with a glorious view of her dainty pinkish/red colored feet. Her feet are really beautiful to look at. Its always smooth and clean and more than anything else, its her feet that really gets my cock swelling up to a full erection! While jacking off my dick, I would always imagine Aunty Sally using her feet to masturbate my cock to ejaculation. Sometimes, I think she is actually teasing me with her feet as she has caught me on a number of times staring at her feet, smiling and wiggling her toes at me whenever she’d caught me. It took a lot of willpower on my part not to grab her feet and bury my face in them. For those of you reading my story for the first time, I have a serious fetish for women’s feet and if a woman were to rub her bare feet up my crotch, I lose all ability to resist her advances. One look at a good looking pair of feet is enough to seduce me into sexual activities with its owner.

Aunty Sally’s seventeen year old stepdaughter Sandra, seem groomed to become like her mom. She was always dressed in sexy looking clothes and was a very pretty teenage girl. For a girl her age, Sandra was also very horny and has showed great interests in the male genitals – mine to be more precise! Being a teenager myself, with hormones oozing out of every crevice in my body, I was enjoying this young girl’s show of interest in me. Aunty Sally appeared to be very sexually liberal with Sandra and on several occasions, I happened to see Sandra feeling her step-mom up as she would sit next to her Aunt Sally and start to massage her step-mother’s breasts, pulling at the protruding nipples with her Aunt Sally hardly taking notice of her step-daughter’s actions! This normally happens whenever they were alone in the living room with me watching the television. I noticed Aunty Sally’s nipples would become more erect and sticking out against the fabric of her t-shirt after her step-daughter has stopped playing with them. When this happens, I realize that Aunty Sally seem to push her chest out more than usual. She was indeed my sex idol for quite some time! Even to this day, I have tried not to do it, but I can’t help but compare other women against her to see if they are as hot and sexy.

One day, Aunty Sally wanted to go for a company dinner with her husband and asked if I could keep Sandra company so that she won’t be alone at home. I agreed as I had nothing better to do for that night. Besides, Aunty Sally’s husband had a great collection of dirty magazines stashed away in his library which I once stumbled upon when we were over at their place for dinner once. I have always loved reading books and I was browsing through the books in his library when I came across the magazines. I was there half an hour early and Aunty Sally was in a stunning dinner gown with a low back showing off her back, high slits exposing a lot of leg and plunging neckline generously exposing her silky smooth cleavage. The gown was so tight that I was sure she wasn’t wearing any panties as none was outline on her curvy ass. Oh yeah, there’s going to be quite a few rigid cocks secretly trapped in space constraint crotches at the party tonight and a number of wives are going to have their pussies fucked good and proper, all thanks to Aunty Sally here. Goodness, she definitely had what it takes to be Queen Cock Teaser and I’m sure her husband must be bursting with pride over it ~ the lucky bastard! A sentiment I’m sure a lot of the men shared with me.

So off they went to the company dinner, leaving sultry gorgeous Sandra in my ‘care’, so to speak. As soon as they had left, Sandra went off to her room while I sat on the couch to watch TV. About half an hour later, Sandra came in to lie on the couch, her head resting on my lap. I didn’t object as I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. So we continued to watch TV when I felt Sandra moving her head further and further up towards my crotch. It wasn’t a great distance to travel and before long, she had her head nestled right against my cock. I pretended not to take notice of what she was up to and for a few minutes, she just laid there quiet with her face facing the TV, the back of her head gently applying pressure against my crotch, teasing my cock to erection. It didn’t take much teasing before my cocking was pushing back against her head and each time she pushed back, it got harder and harder. I was enjoying Sandra’s efforts in teasing my cock and allowed it to continue, positioning myself so that she had better access to my crotch. She full advantage of it by placing her head on top of my stimulated rod in my pants and as my cock got erected and started to throb, she was tickled by the fact that it was pushing against my pants, lifting her head a little bit each time it did so. Sandra brought her hand up and squeezed my dick hard beneath her head.

I didn’t dare touch her as I was aware of the fact that she was still a young lady and didn’t want to do anything she didn’t have in mind. So, I continued to sit there and observed with keen interests at what her next step would be. After squeezing and stroking my cock through my pants, she started to unzip it and pushed her hand into the confinements of my pants, feeling my dick through my underwear. She commented that it was probably hot for me to be in my pants sitting on the leather couch, and suggested I have my pants removed so that I would be more comfortable. Before I had the time to reply, she was already unbuckling my pants and struggling to pull them off my legs. I lifted my bum so that it slipped down my legs easily and she threw my pants on to the nearest chair, giggling at her successful conquest. Sandra did not waste time as she started smelling me between my legs commenting that I had a musky smell, but not as strong as her Daddy’s smell! I was shocked to have heard her comment such things and in so casual a manner too. She went on to explain to me, that since she was young, she would bathe with her father and watch her Mom (she calls Aunt Sally, “mom”) and Dad have sex, where they would teach her the moves as they went along. Sometimes they would even let her join in by letting her hold her Dad’s love stick and guide it into her Mom’s love hole or backside hole, claiming that her Mom makes louder noises if her Dad puts his love stick into Mommy’s backside hole. And sometimes, Daddy would ask her to play with his balls as he was poking Mom with his love stick. She boasted that she has been swallowing her Dad’s sperm since the year before and now that she is seventeen years old, she has learnt how to masturbate her Dad with both her hands and her mouth all by herself without her Mom’s help. She now helps hold her Dad’s love stick when he goes to take a piss, shaking it off before wiping it with tissue after he has finished. Every time she gets a chance to shower with Dad, she would masturbate his love stick covering it with soap and playing with his hairy balls. She claims that her Mom wants her to learn how to be a woman so that men would slave for her, the way it should be.

Her steamy revelation got me hot and horny to think that this young sultry girl was already so experienced in the sexual arena, maybe even more experienced than me! When she was finished telling me stories, she went back to fondling my balls and penis. Lacking diplomacy, without asking, Sandra put her hand inside my underwear and grabbed my cock pulling it out of my underwear. She looked at it as if she was studying it before commenting that my love stick was smaller compared to her Dad’s. She was amused that I had skin over my knob (I haven’t went for circumcision at that time) whilst her Dad’s knob was totally skinless. She kept pulling at my foreskin, rolling it down over its knob and back again giggling in amusement. She then took my cock into her hot mouth, sucking it quite expertly for a seventeen year old. She licked the base of my exposed knob, sending thrills down my spine, saying that she liked sucking my cock as it wasn’t too big whilst she had to stretch her mouth to accommodate her Dad’s love stick which was very big, sometimes hurting her mouth trying. Mine didn’t stretch her mouth as it fitted quite nicely. I wasn’t sure whether to feel flattered or inadequate as it sounded both a compliment and a complain at the same time! She continued to suck my cock as she reached up under my shirt and started to tickle my nipple. Strangely, I always thought nipples was a female thing but I found her manipulating my nipples quite stimulating and combined with her mouth humping my dick, it was sending incredible waves of pleasure throughout my body. This new sense of feeling was getting me really horny and excited and she seems to know it too.

Sandra stopped short of making me cum as she got off me and pulled off my underwear, leaving me totally exposed in front of her. She sat down next to me and instructed me to stand in front of her. Not wanting to disappoint this teenage sex goddess, I obeyed and she bent forward to take a closer look at my groin. She was pushing my dick all over the place to get a better view of whatever the heck she wanted to look at before finally commenting that I wasn’t as hairy as her Daddy and there were hardly any hair on my balls. Without warning, she turned me around and grabbing each of my bum cheeks with both hands, she pulled them apart far enough to sufficiently expose my ass hole for her viewing pleasure. She placed one of her index finger into the crevice between my bum cheeks and onto my anus, probing it slightly. Initially, I thought this young lady was planning to invade the privacy of my shit hole with her finger, taking away my ass’ virginity. Instead she stroked the valley between my bum cheeks a couple more times and then told me that my ass wasn’t as hairy as her Dad’s ass either and he loved the way she explored his ass with her finger, exactly the way she was doing my ass now.

I asked Sandra if her father ever inserted his love stick into her love hole, but she denied him ever doing it. Instead, he would use his finger to make her feel nice at her love hole and if she was a good girl by sucking the juice from his love stick, her Dad would use his tongue to clean her love hole for her. She said she liked being cleaned with the tongue as she gets very nice feelings in her love hole each time he does it. With that, I asked Sandra if her love hole needed cleaning and she immediately said yes. I then asked if she would like me to clean it for her with my tongue. She suddenly jumped up squealing in delight her consent for me  to use my tongue on her love hole. She wasted no time in pulling down her hot pants simultaneously with her skimpy panties, kicking them aside and lying back against the couch with her legs wide open exposing her hairless pink pussy.

Admittedly, I was quite the nervous one as I had no experience being intimate with a girl, so Sandra was the last person I expected to be in this situation with as it has always been her mom, Aunty Sally that I wanted to get fool around with. I had no clue as to what extent can I go with this young pussy laid out at my disposal before me. I decided to go slow and gentle with her, using only my tongue to insert into her pussy, using my fingers to play with her engorged clitoris that was already hard and erect. Although still young, the vagina lips were quite swollen and folded back delicately like a lovely flower. She liked my tongue probing the depths of her love hole, saying that her Dad never did anything so delicious for her before. Hearing that I quickly pulled my tongue out asking her if she wanted me to stop, but she aggressively grabbed me by the back of my head with both hands and pushed my face back into her love hole almost demanding that I continue what I was doing, claiming that she could sense the good feeling in her love hole was coming close and I mustn’t stop. I presumed she meant she was about to climax though I wasn’t sure a girl that age could actually experience orgasms. She soon started to buck wildly into my face and after that took hold of my cock and massaged it while performing fellatio on it until I came in her mouth.

After swallowing my cum, she said it tasted just like Daddy’s and since then, she wanted me to ‘keep her company’, her whenever the opportunity arise. When she comes over with Aunty Sally to the house, she never fails to come to my room to have her love hole cleaned by my tongue, while she worked vigorously on my cock for her share of a man’s love juice besides her Dad’s. I admit my intimacy with Sandra was a forbidden kind of love but it was also Sandra that later helped get me into her Aunty Sally’s pants………

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