Lovely Aunty May

When I was young, I had a crush on this lady who was a friend of the family. We kids would address her as Aunty May and she used to come around the house rather frequently to chit-chat with my Mom as they were quite good friends. She wasn’t anything spectacular to talk about actually, but she wore these really short hot pants and relatively tight t-shirts which outlines her curvatures quite clearly. As a maturing young man with hormones levels at overload, I was naturally taken up by her and she had quite an attractive face with shoulder length hair. She used to sit next to me teasing about girlfriends and stuff and I always remembered she smelt really nice. She must have known my interest in her because once she came over to where I was sitting in front of the television set and bent over supposedly to pick something off the floor. I could see right down her blouse and for the first time, saw the most beautiful pair of white globes before me. My jaw must have dropped as I stared at her boobs with my mouth wide open in awe. She looked up at me, saw the expression on my face and quickly looked down herself. I quickly came to my senses as I had expected her to get upset and report on me to my parents. To my astonishment, she looked back at me, smiled and just walked away.

Now, at that age, my body was experiencing a lot of new things and one of them was this constant erection I kept getting, especially in the mornings when I woke up from a night’s sleep. I have started ‘feeling’ myself out and found certain points to be arousing and sensitive. Up to this point in time, I have never masturbated as we were taught that it was a bad thing to do and should never indulge in such activities. The problem was that nobody explained what masturbation was and how it was done and therefore were totally naïve about the whole damn thing. One day, as I was about to take a shower, I had another one of my erections. Out of curiosity, I started fondling it and found it to be pleasurable, making my dick even more rigid. I took my penis by the foreskin and started to twirl it around and around and found that the faster I twirled it, the more pleasurable it was! However, out of fear that I would ‘damage’ it, I only twirled it for short periods of time. Finally, the day came when I twirled too long and my penis started to throb uncontrollably and suddenly white thick liquid started to spurt out. I was both in horror and in pleasure as I couldn’t stop it spurting this sticky stuff but the pleasure it gave me each time it convulsed and spurted was indescribable! I was so afraid and at the time stunned by its experience that I quickly took my shower and tried not to ponder on it any longer, assuring myself each time I did that everything was alright, there is nothing broken and my beloved dick was not going to fall apart on me!

Needless to say, curiosity and the urge to experience that unique feeling again got the better of me and before you know it, I was twirling again, sometimes 2-3 times a day, but each time it was in the bathroom so that washing was easy to do and I had privacy in there. Since my dick didn’t fall off, nor was I experiencing any kind of pain, I was happy to have found a new form of ‘activity’ to keep my dick and I occupied. As far as I was concerned, twirling my dick by the foreskin was the right way of masturbating and since nobody said anything different, that was my way of masturbation. That was about to change quite soon.

One day, my parents had to leave for outstation for a full week and the family went with them. As I was having some examinations about to start, I was not able to go with them. Instead, they called on Aunty May to come over and baby-sit me while they are away. Aunty May obliged and told me she would come over in the evenings to keep me company and see to my dinner and stuff. So, on the first day of being alone in the house, on my return home from an outing, I ran to my room, immediately removed my clothing and started fondling my genitals. I was going to take full advantage of this rare occasion where I had total privacy to myself and because I did not expect anyone to be in the house, I didn’t bother to lock my bedroom door. I was in the midst of twirling my dick when I realized that somebody was looking at me from the door! I turned to look at it and to my astonishment, I saw Aunty May looking at me with a sheepish grin on her face! In total embarrassment, I grabbed for a pillow and push it against my groin looking down in shame.

Seeing my reaction, she came over and sat by my bedside and placed her hand on my hand holding the pillow. “I’m so sorry to have barged in on you darling”, she said soothingly. “I thought I would come in early to tidy up the house and never had the intention of spying on you”. Seeing my face red with embarrassment, she continued to coax me, “Young man, what you were doing is perfectly normal. All growing gentlemen sooner or later will have to learn how to play with their ‘bird’. It’s a perfectly natural part of growing up”. Hearing this I looked up to see her smiling at me and told her that I will not do it again, as long as she kept it a secret between the two of us. She frowned at my suggestion and my heart started racing ahead of itself. She looked at me and said, “I will keep this a secret if you agree to play with your bird while Aunty May looks at it”. I was shocked at her suggestion and my heart was now pounding for different reasons. I couldn’t say a word but she took my hand away from the pillow and gently removed it, exposing my groin for her to look fully. She brought her face close to my genital and her attention to it and her breath against it made my dick start to throb back to life, slowly rising to meet her. I could not stop my penis from getting erect and she laughed at my attempts to keep it down, which only made it more erect.

“I saw you twirling you penis and was wondering why you were doing it that way”, she said. I looked at her and said that it was the only way I knew how to masturbate. She continued, “I’ll tell you what, let me teach you how to masturbate the correct and more pleasurable way and you promise to keep IT a secret between us, agreed?” I was in such a daze as I couldn’t believe what was going on that everything that came out of her mouth was a mumble to me and all I could do was unconsciously nod my head to her. Seeing me nod my head she instructed me to lie back and reached out to hold my shaft. Instinctively, I quickly shielded my groin with my hands again. Patiently, she coaxed me to remove my hands, assuring me I won’t feel any pain and that it was perfectly alright for Aunty May to touch my genitals. She took my hands away and again gently held my penis in her left hand while cupping my balls with her right hand, slowing massaging the latter and shafting the former. Initially, out of fear, I found myself subconsciously pushing my back into the mattress but my penis responded almost immediately and she laughed delightedly to see that I was beginning to cooperate with her advances. Suddenly, she stopped and asked me to wait while she go and get something to apply on my penis.

She got off the bed and ran into the bathroom and came back with a bottle of baby oil. With my penis still erect, she applied the oil by pouring it over my swelling knob. “This will lubricate my hand’s movement as I pump your bird up and down. It will make you enjoy the masturbation better”, she explained. I was curious as to why she was stroking my penis up and down its length in the palm of her hand while rolling my knob gently between her thumb and index finger. “See, your penis is responding very well to my touch. This is the right way to masturbate your penis. I’ll keep this bottle of oil in the bathroom so that you can use it for your future masturbations”. I asked her where she learnt to masturbate a man so well and she laughed, “ My first boyfriend taught me how to do it and I have perfected this technique over the penises of quite a few willing volunteers. I’m passing this experience to you because I know you’ve been appreciating my body secretly, haven’t you?” I admitted that I had been lusting for her body ever since she showed me a glimpse of her boobs and was sorry for it. “Oh, don’t apologize about it. Because you are such an ardent fan of my body, I’m going to let you enjoy the treasures and pleasures of my body during my stay with you. Would you like that?” I nodded my head in eager anticipation. “Good, so to start us off on the right track, I’m going to allow you to explore any part of my body with your hands while Aunty May masturbates you, but first, let me remove these clothes for you”. With that, she got off the bed again, pulled her single-piece knee length dress over her head and sat back on the bed clad only in her bra and panties. I couldn’t believe the events that’s been taking place over the past ten minutes or so and still wasn’t convinced that this was all true, therefore I didn’t try to touch her ‘treasures’ that was on display. Instead, I pulled at her right leg and brought her foot to my face and started sniffing her feet and toes. Seeing my actions, she exclaimed, “Sweetie, I see you have a fetish for women’s feet! That’s good, you must put some effort into nurturing that fetish into a serious interest”. I’ve had this interest in women’s feet since I was young and indulging myself with Aunty May’s foot speeded up my sense of arousal and was starting to sense my semen bubbling within my loins, preparing to erupt like a volcano spewing its hot molten lava.

Sensing the change in my body, Aunty May cooed sexily to me, “Ah Sweetie, it appears that you are about to come. It would be a shame to let your cum spill all over the mattress, as such precious juices will only end up being washed away in the washing machine. As Aunty May’s reward for giving you this experience, you will allow me to do whatever is necessary to prevent such a wastage from happening, right?” Not knowing what she was trying to get at, but not being in the position to offer much of a resistance, I again quietly nodded my head in submission. Seconds later, my legs stiffened as my dick throbbed strongly and my hips arched forward, clear indications to Aunty May that I was coming. Her next course of action took me totally off-guard when she quickly lowered her head to my penis and opened her mouth to suck my knob into her mouth just as the first load of cum came spurting out of my dick! In shock, I did what came naturally to me ~ I tried to pull my dick away from her mouth as my first thoughts were that she was going to bite my knob off! She had not expected me to react that way and my dick came out spurting semen across her right eye brow and some on her forehead and hair before she countered my actions and managed to suck my knob back into her mouth to swallow the remaining cum from my dick. She continued to suck and lick my dick until it went limp and slipped out of her mouth. I was overwhelmed with ecstasy as I have never experienced such feelings before. Aunty May wiped the semen off her face with her fingers and put it into her mouth. I apologized for pulling away the way I did but she explained that it was her fault for not preparing me with what she was going to do. I asked her why she would want to swallow my semen as I always thought it was repulsive or dirty. She patiently explained to me that semen is a strong source of pure protein and is good for maintaining a woman’s complexion. And that is why she always swallowed her ex-boyfriends’ semen in the past for the sake of beauty and health.

Having ejaculated and feeling totally spent and satisfied, I asked if I could return the favor. She laughed and asked me to remove her panties first. I quickly obliged and she instructed me to take the time to examine the genitals of the female gender. Spreading her legs, I got down between them and went close to her vagina to get a closer look at her love mound. She had a thick bushy mound and I played with it some while peeking at her vagina. Aunty May using her fingers, pulled the vagina lips apart and instructed me to look deep into her love canal and appreciate the treasures of a woman. It was moist and red inside, glistening in the light, looking so exotic and precious. Next she asked me to smell her pussy so that I know what to expect the next time I am with my girlfriend. I place my nose on her pussy lip and took a deep sniff. It was musky and little bit fishy but at the same time very stimulating. “You must now use your fingers and insert them into my pussy to finger-fuck me”, she instructed. Being young and naïve, I was a little bit rough initially when I first tried it but Aunty May patiently taught me the correct technique to finger-fucking a pussy.

As I finger-fucked Aunty May, she pulled over her bra to expose a pair of firm rounded beautifully large breasts, each peaked with light brown perky little nipples. She asked me to gently nibble on her nipples as I continued to finger-fuck her pussy. I took great pride in the chores given to me and did it with full concentration and diligence. My efforts soon paid off as Aunty May started to moan with pleasure and her chest was heaving heavily while she moved her hips to meet with my thrusting fingers into her vagina. I was so proud of the fact that I now had the ability to make a woman moan with pleasure the way she did and that encouraged me to increase my efforts which lead to her achieving an incredible orgasm. When she had settled down, she took my fingers to my nostrils, made me smell it with my eyes closed then pushed my fingers covered with her love juice into my mouth so that I learn to appreciate the delicacy of a woman’s love juice. Admittedly, to this day, I have always had a strong yearning for women’s pussy love juice and enjoy performing cunningulus to every woman that allows me to do it to them.

During the course of that week, Aunty May helped perfected my techniques of giving a woman sexual pleasures which I am truly grateful for. During the same period, my dick was also kept busy by her personal attention to it but never with sexual intercourse as Aunty May said I am not prepared for the penetration of a woman’s pussy just yet. She promised to teach me when I am ready and that was one promise she kept to me. That will be detailed in the following memoirs.

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2 Responses to Lovely Aunty May

  1. Pierre I, says:

    enjoyed reading your story ,reminds me when I had the same privilage with my aunt.

  2. Rob says:

    Enjoyed reading about you and Auntie May

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