My encounter in the office

The story I am about to tell is a true story that happened to me a few years back. I was going through a painful divorce at the time and wasn’t getting my share of pussy lately. In the office where I worked, there was this girl that worked in the accounts department which was quite a looker.  She had long black hair, tall and thin in size but had some great looking bosoms, ample and stunning to look at. The fact that I was in operations and she was in accounts, we very rarely spoke to one another as our paths hardly crossed.

I never knew that she had an interest in me and she never showed it either because she felt being a married man, there would not be any chance of having a relationship between us. One day, she came into my office to clarify some project accounts and she must have seen me upset and built up the courage within her to ask me what was wrong. When she heard about my divorce, she expressed her sympathy for the hardship I was going through and offered me some company if I wanted it. Now, I have noticed her in the past too, and have also wondered what it would feel like ramming my dick up her cunt, but because I was a married man, I just brushed such thoughts off my mind. Now that I was a ‘partially’ free man, I wasted no time in taking up her offer.

That evening, we went out for drinks at a local pub and just spent the time chatting and getting to know one another. She  gave me a kiss on the cheek when I sent her home and that was that for the evening. The next day, I was in her office waiting for her to finish up her work as we were planning to go out for dinner and drinks. We were alone in the office and were enjoying each other’s company. I was sitting on her chair’s armrest while leaning back against the backrest. From my vantage point of view, I could look down her blouse and was admiring the silky smooth skin of her breasts. Indeed she had great cleavage and it was giving me such a hard on. I offered to massage her shoulder and as I was doing so, I teasingly told her how great her breasts looked from where I was looking. To my surprise, she giggled and encouraged me to keep looking! I proceeded to massage her back and inch-by-inch advanced my hands towards her ample boobies. Seeing that she was not offering any resistance, I finally cupped her breasts from the back holding them in my hands from the bottom pushing them up to expose more cleavage. She gasped in surprise but looked into my eyes and smiled at me lovingly.

“Do you like my breasts?” she asked. I was over the moon with excitement and could only nod my head in submission. I started to gently squeeze each breast whilst twigging each nipple though her thin bra. I could tell she was enjoying it as her nipples were starting to protrude out and getting quite erect to the touch. She unbutton her blouse and when her blouse was loose enough, she took one of my hands, guided it inside her blouse, pulled her left boob out of the confinement of her bra and placed my hand on it. It felt so smooth and hot in my hand and it was indeed big for a woman her size. I continued to massage her boobs while kissing her passionately on her lips. Soon her bosoms were heaving with excitement and she was gasping between kisses with anticipation.

By now, my dick was hard as a rock and aching to burst free from my crotch. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch and to my surprise, she pulled her hand away. It was only then that she told me I was the first guy to have access to her breasts, let alone be allowed to ravage them! I told her not to be afraid and we would go slow and gentle so that she can have a great first time experience. Needless to say, our plans to go for drinks have been cancelled for the day. I asked if she was willing to see my dick and she quietly nodded her head. I started to remove my belt buckle and unzipped my trousers. Whilst doing so, I noticed she had her eyes shut tight! When I pulled my dick out of my underwear, she refused to open her eyes, so I took her hand and brought it down to my throbbing shaft. She grasped it tightly the moment her hand came in contact with it and let a gasp pass her lips doing so. A few seconds later she opened her eyes and was shocked to see my throbbing purple knob staring just inches away from her face. She looked and it and instinctively brought her lips to it and gave it a peck on the opening slit which was already moist with pre-cum. She licked her lips to taste the juice and claimed it was a little bit salty but nice to taste.

She took her time to look at my knob, the length of my shaft, the balls beneath it and also the pubic hair around it. She was totally turned on by the smell of my pubic hair as she just couldn’t stop taking long deep sniffs of it. She experimented licking the length of my shaft, liking the salty taste and licking off the pre-cum at the tip of my knob. Soon she was taking the knob into her mouth trying to suck up any juice still in my dick and before I know it, she was giving me one heck of a vigorous blowjob! She took the entire length of my throbbing shaft into her mouth, gagging a few times but relentlessly throating it to its base so that she can sniff the aroma of my bush. Alternating her mouth with her hand, she was shafting my dick in a fabulous combination of blowjob/masturbation that I thought was only possible in the blue films! She was determined to make me come but wanted to have me come in her mouth so that she can have her first taste of a man’s cum. It did not take long to have her wishes come true as I exploded in a mind-boggling orgasm spurting loads after loads of cum into her mouth down her throat!

I could see that she was struggling to gobble it all down but her determination paid off for her as she didn’t allow a single drop of semen to spill out. She continued to suck my dick dry and finally licked it all clean and glistening with her saliva. She was curious how my semen left a tingling feeling in her throat and said she would want more of it if possible. I told her that it was my turn to return the favor and knelt down in between her legs. She was reluctant to open her legs as she claims she was still a virgin and was not sure if she was prepared to lose it just yet. I coaxed her slowly by telling her she does not need to lose her virginity that night as I was planning to fuck her with my tongue and not my dick. That way, she will still be a virgin and I will not take her virginity away until she is ready for it in the future. She was still afraid but after convincing her that I would stop if she didn’t like it or felt any pain, she quietly agreed and slowly pulled up her skirt to her waist, exposing her pink laced panties with her legs apart for me to look at.

Gently, I stroked her thighs and took her feet to my face. I must say here, that I have a serious fetish for feet and smelling the soles of each of her feet and between her toes got my dick throbbing again. She was getting excited looking at me suck each of her toes, licking the soles of her feet and sniffing them at the same time. I could see she was getting wet as her panties was developing a dark patch at the crotch. I went over to her crotch and started sniffing at her wet patch and to my amazement, it smelt very pleasant indeed. Hooking the panties with my fingers and pulling them down over her feet, I took another sniff at her pussy and went completely berserk with lust and desire for her pussy. I have never smelt a pussy so nice as I have with hers. I’ve had other pussies before but they were never virgins and they all have to a certain extent some kind of fishy smell about them. My ex-wife’s pussy was the strongest fish smelling pussy I’ve ever had. But here was a girl, who has been in the office the whole day and yet still smelt so great without needing to wash first!

I couldn’t control myself anymore and totally indulged myself with some serious pussy eating! She was going hysterical with pleasure as she has never experienced her pussy being eaten before and I was too engrossed with her lovely pussy to even care if she could handle it. She had lovely thick lips on each side of her clit with a fully erected clitoris protruding out screaming to be ravaged. I teased her clitoris with my tongue until she was weak in the knees and finally took it within my lips and sucked on it while flickering it my tongue until she came in a really loud orgasm. She was so weak but I was relentless in my attacks on her pussy with my tongue. She had flooded her vagina with her love juice and my tongue was busy darting in and out of her pussy licking up the love juice this virgin pussy had to offer. My tongue fucking got her very excited with pleasure and she used her thighs to wedge my head in place while she humped her waist into a rhythmic motion to meet with my tongue plunging into the inner depths of her pussy. Before long, her legs stiffened and her hips started jerking violently as she reached another major orgasm, screaming her lungs out as she rode the orgasm out. Luckily for us we were alone in the whole office building!

She was insatiable because as soon as she caught her breath back, she got off her chair and pulled me to the carpeted floor and got me to lie on my back. She immediately got on top of me in the 69 position and started mouth fucking my partially erected dick until it was rigid again. I got back to work on her pussy but in doing so, I had my nostrils buried up her tight anus. To my amazement, her anus did not smell offensive at all and before you know it, I was licking her anus clean and started fucking her arse with my tongue, pushing my tongue as deep as it could possibly go into her asshole while at the same time savoring the unique but tantalizing flavor I was getting from it. With proper manipulation of her pussy and anus through my experienced tongue, I got her coming again but this time her screams were muffled with my dick deep in her mouth. She was busy giving me the masturbation of my life using her mouth and hands until I could take it no longer and started ejaculating with such force that it surprised her as well. I had no fear of staining the carpet with my semen as she once again ensured that none went to waste.

We got dressed and left the office for some dinner. The recent activities had us drained of energy and we needed some food to get re-energized. On the way back to her house after dinner, she wanted dessert and whilst I was at the wheel, she unzipped my trousers and helped herself to another serving of hot thick semen. She says she can’t get enough of the tingling feeling she gets after swallowing the semen down. As for me, I was proud that I have kept my promise of leaving her virginity “intact”……… for the time being anyway!

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