My experience with my gay best friend

My first experience with homosexuality must have been around eighteen years of age. Before proceeding with the story, I feel it is only fair to be clear on the fact that I am in no way a homosexual, nor am I bi-sexual in preference. I’ve always been a lover of boobs and hot wet pussies, and  I have no hesitations indulging in the occasional volunteering tight female anus that comes my way, but that is as far as I am prepared to go. The sight of a male’s hairy asshole is enough to make me puke and having another man’s meat in my mouth is not my idea of eroticism. However, the incident that I am about to share with you was an incident of consequence, it wasn’t planned nor pre-arranged in anyway.

My best friend of many years had an annoying habit of wanting to hold my hands or if we were sitting next to one another, he would casually place his hand on my thigh as though it was a normal thing all guys do. I tried to be patient with him and each time just pushed his hands away, occasionally punching him in the shoulder to show my displeasure in as friendly a way as I possibly could under such circumstances. This did not discourage him as I found that as we grew older, the bolder he became with his “advances”. Finally, not being able to take it any longer, I told him off straight in his face that I was not comfortable with his style of showing his friendship and if he wishes to continue our friendship, he is to stop with immediate effect all of his nonsense. During that time, it occasionally occurred to me that maybe my best friend was actually gay but I would brush it off as ridiculous and impossible. Anyway, his little touching antics stopped with immediate effect and before long, I too had forgotten all about it, never giving it another thought.

We were both classmates for most of our schooling years and would share the same interests in sports, college activities and so forth. We would take turns to stay overnight at each other’s house, sharing the same bedrooms each time. Nothing spectacular happened during our stay-over until one day when Mark (his name), came over and immediately wanted to go to my bedroom to show me something. It turned out that he had borrowed two issues of Penthouse magazines from his brother and wanted to show them to me. In our country, such magazines are hard to come by as they are banned from distribution and therefore were hot in demand and we indulged ourselves with them right up to dinner. When night came, we excused ourselves on the pretense of going to my bedroom to finish up our assignments. Safely in our room behind locked doors, we whipped out a Penthouse each and proceeded with our session of drooling at some quality looking boobs and pussies. It wasn’t long before we both had a raging hard on within our crotches.

We were both lying on opposite ends of my bed, facing each other but oblivious to each other with our faces buried within the pages of the magazine. Suddenly, I felt my bed shaking and when I put my magazine down to investigate, I was surprised to see Mark busy wanking his fully exposed dick right before my eyes! He had his shorts and underwear pulled down to his ankle, with his left hand he was holding the magazine, totally engrossed in the picture of some horny bitch with a massive pair of hooters while the palm of his right hand was busy shafting the entire 6 inch length of his thick black dick! I was basically in shock at what I was witnessing. Admittedly, Mark had quite an impressive piece of meat. In comparison, my rod was longer than his by a full inch with relatively the same thickness, but his rod was pitch black and glistening with his pre-cum against the room lightings. He had a thick black bush of hair above the base of his dick and a pair of solid black nuts nestled beneath his shaft.

I was mesmerized by the sight before me and could not keep my eyes of his skinned knob. He kept shafting his rod in the palm of his hand, riding its entire length in a systematic and vigorous motion. Now, since Aunty May’s moving to another town with her husband about a year and a half ago, I have been deprived of a good pussy except for her occasional visits to our house where she would stay a couple of nights alone while her husband is left in their house. I couldn’t help get hot and horny looking at Mark wank himself and he noticed my reaction as a smile started across his lips. He motioned me to come over and as if hypnotized, I did as I was told. He took my hand and guided it over to his knob and I grasped it will rolling my palm across it, making him moan softly in pleasure. Without being told to do so, I took over stroking his penis with my left hand while at the same time massaged his balls with my right. His rod was hot to the touch and he was already quivering, close to shooting his load off. I continued to stroke it and before long his first gush of cum came jetting out, landing on my leg and the bed. I continued to stroke his cock, kneading his knob and balls while he squirm and quiver with a massive orgasm. He had a  lot of semen to release and it was hot to the touch. I continued to stroke his shaft until it started to get limp before releasing it for it to get some air.

I can’t explain it, but seeing him come like that really got me hard in the crotch. Mark saw the bulge in my crotch and instructed me to lie back. I was too horny to have the will power to resist and did what I was told. He came over and started grabbing me gently within my legs, making it even more harder and more uncomfortable. He pulled my shorts down and started licking my dick through my underwear. I was too excited to stop him and he gently nibbled at the silhouette shape of my knob, making me all the more hot and horny. Seeing my lack of resistance, he pulled my underwear aside to release my dick and it sprang out at him hitting him in the cheek. He laughed and kissed my dick tenderly, using his tongue to tickle and jab at the tip of my dick, trying to push his tongue into the opening. At this point in time, my senses momentarily returned and I pushed him at his forehead, trying to build a distance between his wet soft tongue and my throbbing knob. He pushed my hand away and brought his mouth up to my dick, sucking my knob right into his hot wet mouth. I was shocked to see that right there below me, looking up at me with smiling lips, was my best friend busy giving me one heck of a fantastic blowjob! I just laid back and started enjoying the pleasures he was giving me and from that position, I could see the top of his head bobbing up and down vigorously as he deep throat the full length of my dick, kissing the hairy base of my rod as he took it all in. At this point in time, I had to admit that he does a better blowjob than Aunty May and Aunty Sally put together! He had a technique where his tongue would apply pressure to the base of my knob, giving pulses of pleasure hard to describe.

Mark was using a technique alternating between a blowjob and masturbation with his hand that was fast making me reach my peak. His saliva had my dick well lubricated for shafting and he was increasing his momentum as he felt signals from my loins that I was about to explode. Mark continued to mouth my dick until I started to spurt out the first glob of cum right into my best friend’s mouth! He refused to release my dick as I ejaculated repeatedly into his mouth and he kept up with my pace by swallowing every bit of cum, licking the tip of my dick clean and finally taking my knob into his mouth while he sucked it to make sure all my semen had already been drained out. It was clear to me that he was determined not to lose a single drop of semen. At this point in time, I was totally drained of energy from such a terrific orgasm and felt as if my energy was sucked out through my dick into Mark’s mouth! I finally settled down a bit and when I had come to my senses, jumped right out of bed facing Mark with mixed feelings of apprehension and confusion. I stared at Mark hard and long, my mind racing through what had just taken place, trying to make sense of it all whilst in total disbelief that I had actually participated in something that was totally against my principles! I felt a surge of anger go through my body which started to tremble uncontrollably, whether from the cold of the room’s air-conditioning, anger or exhaustion, which I couldn’t really tell.

Mark remained seated on the bed, his legs crossed and pulled up against his chest with his arms wrapped around them. In that position, his balls and dick could clearly be seen and there was something stimulating about seeing him so exposed that way. He could see the confusion in my eyes and slowly he spoke, his eyes never leaving mine, “Yeah, without any doubt, I am gay. I’ve always been that way and I can’t change the way I am. The truth be told, my friend, I wouldn’t want it any other way”. He proceeded to tell me how he started having sexual yearnings for the male sex organs and was never turned on by a nude female body. He confessed that he wasn’t masturbating himself earlier on because of the nude pictures in his Penthouse magazine, but was excited at the sight of my bulging crotch and my unconsciously grabbing at my crotch as I got excited with the magazine he had given me. He admitted that he had always wanted to have sex with me and would fantasize what it would be like to have done what we’ve just participated in. He started to plead, “Don’t turn me away, please. I know I am different from the rest of our group, but I’ve always felt closest to you, and to let the way I am affect our relationship would be such a waste”. He continued to plead with me not to be too hasty in my decision and to give our new found relationship a chance to develop. I stood there particularly speechless, looking at my friend of many years, a friend that has been my best friend for almost the same duration of time, and yet now that same friend that has words coming out of his mouth which sounded like a total stranger to me. The same mouth that just a few minutes ago had sucked my cock dry of its juices! I felt as if I was cheated and betrayed but at the same time, I couldn’t get it out of my mind how great it felt fucking this guy’s mouth and ejaculating my load into it!

I stood there motionless for at least a good five minutes or so, staring at my friend, oblivious to the fact that I was naked from the waist down in front of a confirmed homosexual. The cold atmosphere in the room must have gotten the better of me as my cock started to stir back into a semi-erection. He shifted his gaze down to my loins again, when I started to open my mouth to tell him that I am not a homosexual and I would never be one. I told him that I would possibly accept his sexual preference but for me, I would still look for boobs and pussies. He nodded his head to what I was telling him and thanked me for accepting his gay disposition, but went further to ask me whether he would be allowed to give me blowjobs from time to time. I started to object when he uncrossed his legs, slid across the bed and knelt in front of my fully erected penis. I started to take a step back when he slipped his hands around my buttocks and pulled me forward, leading my cock into his gaping mouth. He took the entire length of my cock into his mouth and pulled it out rolling his hot wet tongue skillfully around my knob, sending unimaginable pleasures up and down my spine. Taking it out he kneaded my knob in his palm, looking up at me while he took my balls one at a time and sucked on them. Then he looked up at me and said that as his best friend, he needed to eat my semen as a sign of his love for me and that if I really loved him as my best friend, I shouldn’t deprive him of my love juices.

I had to admit, he was good a giving blowjobs and I found it hard to resist, “But I am not comfortable doing gay sex stuff”, I tried to explain to Mark. “That’s perfectly okay”, he assured me. “All I ask is that you allow me to feast on your semen and I will reward you with the best mouth-fuck you will ever experience”. I conceded to his request and he led me back to the bed and sat me at the side of the bed, kneeling between my legs and sucking me good, relentlessly massaging me into another fantastic orgasm while he gobbled all the cum I was spewing out. When I had finished, he pushed me backwards to lie on my back. Thinking he wanted me to rest, I obliged and without warning, he lifted my legs at my thighs, pushed my legs forward until my knees were pressing against my chest, exposing my balls and anus wide open to him. Mark proceeded to give me my first experience of being licked and tongue-fucked in the ass! The feeling was deliriously delicious and I immediately got another hard on. He continued to lick me in the ass, pushing his tongue deep as if he was trying to taste the depths of my anus! He also licked the highly sensitive area between my testicles and anus, mouth massaging my balls at the same time! I couldn’t believe that my best friend was ravaging me in such a manner, stripping me of my dignity. I couldn’t control myself and ended up ejaculating for the third time, but because of the position I was in, I was practically spurting out semen directly onto my own face, with at least one full load going straight into my opened mouth, giving me a taste of my own semen! Mark was oblivious to the fact that I had come again as he was too indulged in eating my shit hole and balls. Finally, he released my legs and let me lie on my back while he massaged his own erected dick.

Seeing him massaging his rigid rod, I took his hand away and replaced it with my own as I stroked his dick  for him. He looked at me and I explained that it was only fair that I try to return the favor the best I can after what he has done for me. I found myself soon licking his pre-cum from the tip of his knob, after tasting my own cum and finding it not to bad tasting. Admittedly, I was not as skillful as Mark was in fellatio but he appreciated my attempts and soon was nearing the point of ejaculation. He shot his first load into my mouth before I removed it out of my mouth and directed it to my face as it unloaded his hot thick cum onto my face. I swallowed his cum in my mouth to show that I appreciated him and that we have embarked on a new stage in our friendship. Mark was noticeably taken up by my show of friendship and later that night, introduced me to the new world of anal sex. I was initially hesitant but with his patient guidance, I fucked his asshole good and proper. He was sensitive enough not to attempt asking me to allow him to fuck my ass, but I will consider such possibilities later, who is to tell, right? I came in Mark’s ass and we both lay down to rest, my dick still in his ass, so nicely tight and warm. He asked if I was planning to fuck his ass again, and I gladly obliged after a few minutes of rest.

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3 Responses to My experience with my gay best friend

  1. lokesh says:

    My friend fucked me I liked it am I gay I did not feel anything when he was doing this but I love to get fucked before and after that period . I don’t want to do this but I can’t control my self please help me I also want live like a boy .plz help

  2. Vagina_penetrator says:

    I’m definitely not gay, I do accept being bi-curious but this shit gave me a hard ass boner

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