Over 70 things to do in bed with your partner.

After some research and sourcing materials on the internet, I managed to compile about 70 things that couples could do to spice things up in their bedroom. Listed below are the 70 things mentioned. It can help bring out ideas and fantasies that you and your partner have been harboring subconsciously but have suppressed them all this while for whatever reasons. To make best use of it, print two copies of the list and before going through the list, have a clear understanding with your partner that this is an exercise to help bring out the sexuality in each other. Therefore, both must agree to keep an open mind, avoid being judgmental and be willing to talk freely about each others’ list without constraints. Privately, complete your list and, after you’re both done, exchange the list and compare your responses.

As you go through the list together, you may find it helpful to talk not only about the things that you both want to try, but also about the types of sex where you differ. Is one person a “little” interested whereas the other “very” interested in that activity? If so, is the person who is a little interested willing to explore under certain circumstances that might make the sexual behavior more appealing?
Enjoy your exploration!

How interested are you in engaging in the following sexual activities with your partner? For each item, mark “0″ if you’re not at all interested, “1″ if you’re a little interested, “2″ if you’re moderately interested and “3″ if you feel very interested.

1. Vaginal intercourse
2. Anal intercourse
3. Masturbating in front of each other
4. Masturbating each other
5. Mutual oral sex – The ‘69’ position
6. Oral – anal sex, otherwise known as ‘Rimming’
7. Stripping for your partner
8. Your partner stripping for you
9. Stripping each other
10. Role-playing – the possibilities here are immense. Examples are
teacher/student, nurse/patient, pilot/stewardess…etc
11. Vaginal fisting
12. Anal fisting
13. Using a toy on yourself
14. Using a toy on your partner
15. Having sex in the car parked in a parking lot, under the trees or
side of the road
16. Having sex on the beach
17. Having sex in the park under the stars
18. Eating food off your partner’s body
19. Have your partner eat food off your body
20. Lick champagne off your partner’s body
21. Ask your partner to lick champagne of your body
22. Have someone photograph you having sex together
23. Having a threesome
24. Hiring a prostitute/sex worker together
25. Engage in a golden shower – peeing on each other
26. Give or receive a facial – ejaculating or squirting on a partner’s
27. Having sex in front of other people
28. Watching other people have sex
29. Bathe together
30. Have sex while in the shower
31. Soak in a long bath or Jacuzzi naked with your partner
32. Breast fondling and massage
33. Give each other an erotic massage – rolling on each others’
naked body in oil
34. Spank or whip your partner
35. Be spanked or whipped by your partner
36. Tie or bind your partner to the bed posts
37. Be tied or bound by your partner to the bed posts
38. Write an erotic story together
39. Read erotic stories to each other
40. Write each other a love poem
41. Send each other sexy photos
42. Send each other sexy text messages
43. Stimulate his prostate
44. Have your prostrate stimulated
45. Have sex in a cheap motel room
46. Have sex in a luxurious hotel room or suite
47. Call in sick from work and stay home making love
48. Make a home made sex tape
49. Groom or shave each others’ pubic hair
50. Spend at least half an hour having foreplay
51. Make out for an hour without touching each others’ genitals
52. Have a simultaneous orgasm – cumming at the same time
53. Dry hump – rubbing against each other while on top of one
another fully clothed while grinding against each others’ below
the hip
54. Wear sexy lingerie
55. Performing oral sex until your partner achieves orgasm
56. Receiving oral sex until achieving orgasm
57. Cuddling and spooning naked in bed
58. Stimulate you partner’s nipples – squeezing, flicking with your
tongue, sucking on them
59. Have your partner stimulate your nipples likewise
60. Nipple clamping
61. Lick your partner’s body from head to toe
62. Kiss your partner’s body from head to toe, right down to the
soles of their feet
63. Act like a gender different than the one you identify with
64. Try Axillary intercourse – penis thrust through the partner’s
armpit opening
65. Mammary intercourse – rubbing the penis between the breasts
66. Interfemoral intercourse – putting the penis between the folds of
the thighs, but not in the vagina or anus
67. Intergluteal sex – where one partner places his penis into the
other partner’s buttock cleavage (ass crack) to achieve
68. Sumata – a type of stimulation of the male genitals where the
female partner rubs the man’s penis with her palms, thighs and
the lips of her vagina (labia majora)
69. Tribadism – also known as the scissoring where lesbian partners
stimulate each other by rubbing their vulvas together.
70. Frotting – for gay male partners where they rub penises together.
71. Footjobs – rubbing the foot against the partner’s genitals to
achieve stimulation and even orgasm
72. Watch porn together
73. Have sex every day consecutively for a whole month
74. Have sex three times a day
75. Lick chocolate or whipped cream off each others’ genitals
76. Take a relaxing soak in the tub facing each other while licking
each others’ soles and sucking on each others’ toes.
77. Look for opportunities to have sex in the public – a swimming
pool, in the park, etc.

After you have marked you level of preferences, sit down with your partner in a relaxing atmosphere, and while sipping wine, cuddle up together and as the both of you go through the list together, keep an open mind and be liberal minded enough to listen to each others’ thoughts about what they like, although it isn’t as one of your higher preferences.

Hope you find this useful in spicing up your sex life with your partner.

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