My fantasy girl

Tonight you are my fantasy girl
I dream of your lush, lovely thighs, smooth to my cheek
My lips glide along their length of dreamy flesh
Smelling the sweet aroma of your arousal

Your hairless mound, waxed clean in anticipation
Makes me crazy for your little girl parts
A glistening drop of your love nectar
Invites my tongue for a quick taste but I must linger just a
while longer

I feel the heat from the flame of your passion
Love’s serum flowing ever faster
I lap the sweetness as I sink deep into your flower
Drenching my lips with the wetness of your sex

Bringing you closer to the brink of ecstasy
Panting now faster, faster…short quick breaths
A voice breaks the quite as rapture nears
Yes, yes…right…there…Aaaah

But it is I who leaves a pool of spunk
My hand sticky with man syrup
Your fragrance a fleeting memory
As you fade out of my dream

Good night my fantasy girl

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