Running Wild

My thoughts run wild throughout the day,
as you fill my mind with different ways…
Ways that I would wield your fire
and ways that I would quench your desires.

I think of things like how we would start.
With a passionate kiss felt deep in the heart?
Caressing each other all our senses alive.
To give you ecstasy is for what I would strive.

As my hands start to explore every inch of your body,
you and I both know it’s about to get naughty.
We’re both breathing heavy with that look in our eyes.
Then you feel yourself moisten down between your thighs!

Like a brutal savage, I rip off your clothes.
Words to describe your beauty, I cannot compose.
As I begin to undress it seems you can’t wait.
You call out my name and begin to masturbate.

As you play with your nipple and tease your clit,
I fight and I struggle to take off all my shit.
The moans you emit scream out nothing but pleasure.
Is this what it would be like if we were together?

I lie on my back and you straddle my face.
Within seconds you cum… Damn, I love the taste!
Your pussy so wet, glistening in the light.
If I had my way, I’d fuck that ass every night.

With a rage in your eyes, you grab a hold of my cock.
You suck it so good my knees begin to knock.
As you suck and you slurp, I’m about to explode.
It takes deep concentration to not lose my load.

you’re now on all four with your ass in the air.
I’m gonna fuck you so good you’ll be back for more, I swear!
With my head between your lips and my hands at your waist,
in one quick thrust… our bodies will soon be interlaced.

As I prepare to drive it deep, you scream out loud.
Without a second thought and without hesitation,
We finally experience…. sweet penetration.

Through the many positions our bodies endure,
you’ve cum so many times… The count you’re not sure.
As we satisfy our wildest of desires.
We pray this night will never tire.

And in the end, when it’s all said and done,
the best part of all will have yet to come.
The part where I can lay at your side,
hold you in my arms and feel completely alive!

My chest in your back and your hand in mine.
If this were my last moment, that would be just fine.
To have finally had this experience with you,
as if I’d conquered life. What more is there to do?

So these are my thoughts as they run wild.
Imagination so vivid, like that of a child.
Inspired by you, this passion I hold.
You can imagine the many that have gone untold.

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3 Responses to Running Wild

  1. zee says:

    I like that you switched it up; from your intimate memoirs to erotic poems. The poems feel a lot more personal; like as though you were speaking to one specific person, that’s how personal it felt to me when I read it. It’s like you’re reaching out to your audience; inviting them to come closer and hear you out. I like it. Keep it up! 🙂

    • paddymcbrian says:

      Hi dear friend, thank you so much for your positive words of encouragement. I am trying to put in more stuff to make the blog a lot more interesting to read. How is your sis and her family from Australia? Hope you are well and having a blast.

  2. Maira says:


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