The Tainted Knight

Look into my eyes, look into my soul,
I have a special present I wish to bestow,
Come closer my sweet, come near my dear,
I only wish to please, shed your fear,
Feel my touch, skin on skin, my hand at your hip,
Bodies pressing together, nearly lip to lip,
Can you feel it? Can you sense it or see it?
My fire, my passion, my lust that will not befit,

I’ll consume you, own you, tame you and enslave you,
My fire, a beast that feasts and thrives upon taboo,
You’ve come so close, now you’ll see, now you’ll fear,
My present, utter lust, my present, so severe,
I’ll consume your body, taste your soul,
I’ll ravage your mind and take control,
I’ll twist your reality, distort your fantasy,
and give you amnesty from your false sanity,

Look into my eyes, feel me between your thighs,
As my head goes under and let my tongue surmise,
That you’ve been apprised that you’re at your demise,
As you feel my tongue incise, devise and surprise,
Moan, groan, shriek and grasp at the bed sheet,
No escape, not remorse, just burn in the heat,
Flesh on fire, body shivering, legs quivering,
Just starting, my present never stops delivering,
My lips kiss yours as my fire penetrates,
Our bodies, slip and slide like an oceans tide,
Back and forth, in and out, making you shout,
Scratching and biting, making your words devout,

Can you feel it? Can you sense it or see it?
Your body losing control, your mind has submit,
Tingles and sparks, afire is your soul,
This your toll, as I continue to consume you whole,
Throw you down, pinned, toss you all around,
against the wall, and then to the ground,
Thrashing and thrusting, pulling and tearing,
Overbearing and domineering, I keep persevering,
Twist and turn, Grunt and groan, Gasp and moan,
Ride me and grind me, feel it deep, hard as stone,
Kiss me and taste me, our tongues intertwined,
Lose your mind and be mine, don’t stay confined,
Feel it swell and ignite, feeling so right,
Body loosing it’s fight, mind taking flight,
Ride me till your ecstasies utter delight,
Shiver and quiver, tighten and release,
Nails into flesh, let your pleasure increase,
Gasp for air, pull at my hair, this moment rare,
Feel every inch, pushing in, contract and ensnare,
Explode! let it utterly consume and devour,
Shredding flesh, tearing soul, gaining power,
Ripping through your body, let it come,
Breath so heavy, you have finally succumb,
Now lay, head against my chest, take it in,
You’ve had my present, such a dirty sin.

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