Canoe Canoodle

Erotic Instructions:
In a canoe or rowboat, paddle a short distance from shore. Once you’re at your desired locale, stretch out on your side, resting your head on your bottom arm for cushioning. (Bend your knees if necessary.) Have your partner spoon you from behind, keeping his top arm wrapped around your waist as he enters you and begins to thrust gently.

Carnal Challenge:

Why You’ll Love It:
This relaxing pose is perfect for slow, sensuous lovemaking. Because of the close confines, your bodies will be melded from head to toe, and the rocking motion of the boat will intensify each of his internal strokes.

Additional tips:
Take it nice and easy or your boat could tip over. To play it supersafe, make sure you only go out on a calm lake where you can swim to shore.

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