Oral Sex

Laying spread eagle on the bed,
Your cock is so hard, my mouth so badly wants to be fed,
At first you take the first piece of rope and tie it around my wrist,
And another around my ankle and give it a good twist,
Each rope you wrap around the bed post and tie,
You start to lick my toes, working your way up the inside of my thigh,
You stop when you reach the inside,
This causes me to let out a loud sigh,
I look up at you and ask you why?
You boyishly smile at me, as you slowly begin sucking on my lips,
This automatically makes me begin to rotate my hips,
With such passion, you slide your wet tongue deep into my cunt,
I begin to moan loudly, it is almost a grunt,
You than slide a finger deep inside me,
My pussy now so wet, she runs so free,
Lapping up every last drop of my tasty juices,
I beg to suck on your hard cock, for I want to taste what you have to produce,
Taking my wet tongue and playfully rolling it across your head,
You lean forward slapping my ass causing it to become quite red,
Slowly, I take your bulging head and begin to suck on it vigorously,
Boy, there is no other place that you wish you could be!
I begin to feel the tip of your masterpiece swell,
Soon, you will blow your load this I can tell,
You grab a fist full of my hair,
Forcing my mouth even further down without a care,
You are fucking my mouth rather fast taking your cock all the way to the tip,
Looking as though we are part of some hot porn clip,
Finally, you explode all over my face,
I must say that you have the best taste!

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