She prefers to swallow

She starts with a little tease
Unzipping my pants, my cock release
Prepping it for sucking, the car she steers

I fondle her luscious boobs, her breathe she holds
While she looks for a secluded place to park
Away from intrusive eyes, a moment to ourselves

She takes my manly cock in her hands lube me up
Rubs me up and down as I reach for her ample bosom
Starts to lick my hardening cock

Mmmm it feels so good in her mouth
It also makes her pussy juicy and wet
I grab her hair and the back of her neck

I begin to fuck her face hard
All the while looking out for intrusive passer-by
I hold my load I must enjoy this to the max

I take my time controlling my breath
But its hard since she deep throats
All the while risking getting caught in the car

I love watching her head bobbing
Moving up and down, a silhouette in the dark
While groping her boobs, trying to reach down her pants

You may think it’s nasty but she then takes my balls in her mouth
No more time for teasing I’m ready to pump a load down her throat
Pounding her mouth with as much as she can take

I’m in heaven as I explode down her throat
She keeps sucking tasting each drop
Leaving me moaning begging her to stop

MMM she says I tasted good to the very last drop.

Written by Paddy Mcbrian

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