Tub Tangle

Erotic Instructions:
With your man reclining in a tub full of water, straddle his lap, facing him. Once he’s inside you, have him sit up so you’re face-to-face. Then, wrap your legs around each other’s backs and link your elbows ­under each other’s knees, lifting them to chest level. Hold on to each other tightly as you sway back and forth to ecstasy.

Carnal Challenge:

Why You’ll Love It:
Talk about having a romantic romp. This position makes the most of a confined space by allowing you to entwine your bodies and create a cozy connection that’s ideal for intense intimacy.

Additional tips:
Since your mouths are in such close proximity, indulge in lots of passionate smooching. Don’t forget to nibble on tasty tidbits like his ears and neck.

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