Early In The Morning

Early in the morning with thoughts of you,
I imagine what I would do if you were near,
So with the stroke of my pen,
I will go in details about what I would do.

First I would begin with a kiss,
To get you all hot and ready,
Then trail down to your clit,
To make you cum before your morning piss.

I would reach up to grab your breasts,
As my tongue lick your pussy,
Causing you to groan and moan,
As you whisper, “Baby you’re the best.

And when I feel you are about to cum,
I will stop and give you a kiss,
A kiss passionate and long,
As I whisper that the fun has just begun.

I will work my way back to your clit,
Just to keep your pussy wet,
You begin to call out my name,
As you reach for my dick.

Baby, my sexy butter cup,
I so want to please your body,
And to hear you say,
You are ready to fuck.

And fuck I do but not too fast,
Till I bring you that point,
That cause you to scream,
“Baby, stick it in my ass.”

You reach back and spread your cheeks,
So appealing and oh so tight,
And as I stick my dick to the hilt,
You holler,” Oh baby, damn that’s sweet.”

When we are spent from the moaning and groaning,
I will take you into the shower,
To soak and rinse your beautiful body,
While you sing how great it is to fuck early in the morning.

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