Night Of Passion

The earth as my bed you as my blanket you cover my body
Nothing can heard on such a beautiful night
Even so the moon and stars glow strong as if they were our light
The whispers in my ear fill my mind with such delight
The kisses on my neck and shoulders make me tingle with anticipation
Your hands on my body touch every curve as if I were a map
You know just what to do to make me moan
Kissing my belly and going down slow
You know just how I like it how could I ever say no
Grabbing your hands and pulling you up
Begging you to make love to me
My body burns and shakes awaiting your trust
My legs spread for you as if i were a spring flower
You penetrate with such desire
Making me scream and sending me nothing short of ecstasy
Lifting my legs to go deeper inside
Long slow strokes giving me every inch of your cock
Begging you to go harder fuck me make me scream your name
Rolling me on my belly I arch my back just right your hands on my hips
You make me feel dirty with your thoughts of my ass
The way you touch me and kiss my neck I succumb to you
Never have I felt such pain mixed with pleasure
Taking me to levels of euphoria and ecstasy as you come deeper inside
Pulling my hair and holding me tight fucking me hard I’m cumming
My mind racing the pure pleasure you make me feel
You cum letting me feel all your passion building inside
Are bodies collapse drained of all the love we had to give
You look in my eyes holding me close to your chest
My heart and soul lay raw as flesh
You taped into things no one ever has
As we watch the stars in the sky dance we drift off to sleep
Thinking to myself I’ve never felt such pure and otter bliss
Such passion, fire, and desire.

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