Big Sloppy Kiss

In the kitchen
Before the big game
I’m just getting a beer
I’m closing the refrigerator
Then I hear you walking
Your high heels are
Clicking on the tile

You say
Hey, lover boy
In your, sexy, silky voice
I’ve got something in mind
You look at me standing there
Holding a beer in my hand

I smile. I know your face
Wearing that look
That look you have
That sexy smile that says
I’m going to do something
I’m going to give you something

But you’re not coy
Making me guess
Your knees are already
On the kitchen tile
Looking up at me
Wide open your brown eyes
Peaking behind the long lashes
That hides the top of your lids
Your face angled up
From the floor
Undoing my belt
Unzipping my fly
Pushing me against the counter
Pulling my jeans down
Just far enough
To reach in and pull out
My already hardening cock
My, my. You look at me with those eyes
Your fingers cress along its length
Around the top
You swirl your palm
Then it’s in your mouth
Sliding it far past your tongue
Taking me all in
Clear in; until you almost choke
Holding your breath
You rock your head rubbing me good
Deeply, along the inside of your throat
Your lips kiss me at the base of my cock
Gentle teeth on its shaft, clear up to my balls
Holding me, rubbing me, inside, long as you can
You don’t want to
But, you have to
You pull your head
From my cock
Gasping, for breath
Then just the head’s in your mouth
Your tongue licking around my ridge
Your lips kissing, sucking, pulling me in
You guide my cock to the inside of your cheek
Your fingers on my base, you rub on your inner soft
Surrounding my dick, touching your wet mouth’s tissue
On the sensitive end
Making me want you
Driving me on

You tease me, and you slow
Your mouth holding my dick
You take your fingers and undo your top
Pulling it down, from your shoulders
Showing me your tits, your nipples are swelling
Letting me see that the hard of my dick is turning you on

I know your look
I see it in your brown eyes
Your teasing is done
You want my cum on your face
You move your rhythm faster, more intense
You know my throbbing, you urge me on
Your tongue licking on the underside of me
The roof of your mouth rubbing the top, pleasing me
From my balls the pressure is building up, it’s to strong
I can’t hold back my cum, it is flowing up through me
You feel it, you know me, and you know my sounds
You want my orgasm, to feel my warm stream
Your mouth sucking hard to bring it on
And when it starts to flow
You pull my cock from your mouth
Still stroking my shaft
Satisfying my spasms
You want the pulsing liquid
To drench on your face
Your mouth open, ready to taste me
The warm cum flows on your lips, your cheeks
You feel my wet warmth running down your forehead
You’re tongue licking the edge of your mouth, pulling it in
You just let it run down your face
Some clings to the edge of your lips
You open your mouth; I can see you’re cum covered tongue
The white drips down, on your chin, you let it fall to your tits
The cream rolls down your cleavage
A little strand hangs from your nipple
You giggle, and clean your face with your fingers
Wiping the cum into your mouth
Rolling around on the inside
Before you swallow

You are so beautiful, and such a nasty girl!
Just look at you, cum’s dripping from your tits
Little puddles on your neck and stomach
There’s some even in your hair
You are such a lovely, lovely, sexy mess
I can’t help, but too love you. You dirty girl

You look at me
Wearing that look
I smile. I know your face
That look you have
That sexy smile that says
I’m going to give you a big kiss –

I look at my messy faced lover
I don’t know…
But I really love her.
And she really wants it
‘So what the hell.’

I pull you up into my arms
For that big sloppy kiss you want
You making sure
I will taste me
Inside your mouth

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