The Rub-A-Dub

Erotic Instructions:
Your man sits against the back of a tub with his legs as  straight and wide as possible. Squat over him, facing his feet, and lower yourself  onto his  penis, keeping your legs outside of his. Holding on  to  the edge of the tub for balance, turn on the water and use your  free hand to aim a  detachable showerhead between your legs. The  running water  will cascade over your clitoris, adding to the ecstasy.

Carnal Challenge:

Why You’ll Love It:
Talk about doubling your pleasure. You get simultaneous internal and clitoral stimulation, and your man’s hands are free to fondle the rest of you.

Additional tips:
Don’t have a handheld spray? Sit near the faucet and direct the water with your hand. Have your man trail his finger down your spine for a shivery rush.

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