You order me to my knees.
Immediate to obey, I feel the dirt beneath me.
My friend, the dirt, cools my knees.
My eyes cast downwards, I am grateful to behold your feet.
I am filled with pleasure to be in your service.
My heart soars as I listen to its rhythmic beat, awaiting your next command.
Unmoving, I breath slowly, content to wait forever, as long as it’s for you.
I feel the backs of my hands rest lightly on my thighs.
I note the callous of my feet touching the soft skin of my buttocks.
The sharp contrast between the two welcomes a difference.
I listen to the silence and appreciate your breathing.
I feel your spirit brush against mine, my heart quickens.
My breath comes smoothly, my ears intent for a sound.
Aware that my knees are spread wide, my pussy exposed for your pleasure.
I wait patiently, for years of training have taught me not to move.
Time slips by, barely noticed, my limbs are a rush of energy.
Suddenly, I feel your hand against the crown of my head.
You move me swiftly to your crotch.
I pull on the top of the material, undoing the button quickly.
I use my nose to part the material and my teeth find the zipper skillfully.
I pull down and push my face deeper into your area.
You remove your hard cock for me, a sign that I have pleased you.
I do not move.
I so badly want to please you with my mouth, but to do so without an order is prohibited.
Frozen I sit, your cock mere inches from my face.
My muscles quiver, wanting so badly to make you happy.
Beg me, slave. Your voice washes over me.
I beg you softly and in earnest.
Every word meant with every fiber in my being.
I am rewarded with the command to pleasure you.
Again, I feel the dirt beneath my knees, and the callous of my feet.
And my heart races as I do as you command, and almost explode as I hear your moan escape.
Raising me from my position, you lift my hips over your cock and impale me deeply.
You command me to control my need to explode.
I am allowed to be as loud as I want, and my moans rise as you move me faster against you.
Our smell heightens my senses, I feel your breath change.
Soon you will release your cum deep into me.
You command me to cum for you.
I feel myself tighten and scream as my body shakes with the ecstasy you have so expertly caused me to feel.
Your breathing quickens more.
You lift me off and throw me to the ground.
I feel you grab my chin and thrust your hard, wet cock deep into my throat.
I suck your cock deep into my throat and feel you release into me.
I swallow and lick you clean of all of my juices, feeling your eyes watch my every move.
I return to the dirt, and my position, my eyes averted, awaiting commands.
I feel you lift my head up.
Look at me, slave.
My eyes meet your beautiful face.
Tears well up in appreciation of being allowed to look at you.
You have pleased your master well, slave.
My heart skips a beat, nothing is better than knowing I have made you happy.
You may sleep now.
I curl up at your feet, my love for you making my chest swell.
My head rests on my arms and I settle myself, knowing that there is no happiness like there is at your feet….

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