Undercover Lover

Lying here in my bed, with sexual thoughts of you racing in my head.
My pussy begins to become very wet.
I take my hand and caress my body from neck to inner thigh, imagining that it is you.
My nipples become erect, and goose bumps cover my entire body as I reach between my legs.
I cup my hand over myself comforting, groping, and caressing what is yours.
Slowly I rub my pussy up and down gradually exerting more pressure on my clit, as if it were you.
Juices begin to flow as I think about your long, hard tongue licking between my legs.
I begin to moan and my legs begin to tremble as you penetrate me with your tongue.
You tell me to be quiet, but the thought of your hard dick between your legs makes it impossible.
As you devour my pussy swallowing my deliciousness, you smack my hands away and penetrate my pussy with your fingers.
Starting off slowly, you enjoy my moaning and the wetness of my pussy.
Your dick becomes extremely engorged as you think of how good you are making me feel; along with the anticipation of penetration.
The feeling you are giving me in my throbbing pussy is so intense I begin to pull away and try to close my legs.
You force them open with your elbows and tell me to stop resisting.
You tell me how good my pussy tastes and how I have been such a naughty girl.
Then you tell me that you are going to punish me.
Once you’ve quenched your thirst, you kiss me sharing the taste of my pussy.
You flip me over and pin my arms above my head while forcing my legs apart with your knees.
You slowly insert your hard, long, throbbing dick into my tight, wet, quivering pussy.
Slowly thrusting your hard cock inside me inch by inch, teasing me, as I beg you to go deeper and harder inside me.
Your cock swells even larger as your heart begins to beat harder and you become more excited the more I beg for more.
You tease me until I just cannot take it anymore.
I throw you off of me and tie you up.
I then blind fold you, so that you cannot see what I will be doing to you.
I straddle my pussy on your dick facing you, placing my hands behind me as I arch my back.
I shove your erect cock into my pussy and begin rocking my hips forward and back slowly only to tease you as you did me.
I make you beg me to give it to you harder and faster.
I make you say my name and tell me how bad you want it.
I lick on your ear and begin to moan even loader than before, as the intense feeling is that of something I have never felt before.
You begin to really get into it, as me taking control after so long turns you wild.
The moans turn to screams as I become closer to orgasm and you just cannot hold back any longer, so you cum inside me.The force of the erection felt so great that I orgasm all over your dick as well. I wasn’t finished with you yet though; you have had control far too long.
I then started massaging your body inch by inch with my tongue caressing your nipples and biting you.
I worked my way down to your dick where I began sucking your balls and licking our juices off your shaft.
Uhhmm, we taste so great.
You begin making noises as the feeling of my lips and tongue on your dick is so intense.

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One Response to Undercover Lover

  1. Maira says:

    🙂 teasing your reader huh?

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