Winter Afternoon

Tiptoeing across the hard wooden floor,
I do not want you to see me sneaking through the back door,
It is barely winter and the snow has begun to fall,
Everything so white and peaceful, this is a first that you can recall,
I have my winter jacket on, it hardly reaches my naked knees,
I know what you are wanting, but you must first beg me please,
I am not wearing anything under my coat,
You put your warm hands firmly around my throat, My big, pinkish, brown nipples begin to be aroused,
My hands go underneath your shirt as if to browse,
This is not fair you say,
You want to be able to play,
I shake my head no, I’m not ready quite yet,
My shaved little pussy is hardly even wet,
It is so very cold outside,
My only thought coming home was giving your cock a good, hard little ride,
Yet, I still must tease your throbbing cock until you no longer know what to do,
I slowly slide my hands down past my waist,
Than, I slide my fingers between my pussy lips, for them I must taste,
Fingers now drenched in my own cum, I suck them clean,
You are growing more excited, you tell me how you will treat me like a Queen,
Only if I kiss the tip of your swollen dick,
Kiss it softly, but, kiss it long, if you do this just right, your pussy I may lick,
I have two surprises just for my little lover boy,
This is the first surprise is that I bought you this here toy,
In the shape of an already very hard dick, oh, but it does some really cool tricks,
Close your eyes, for the next surprise I am going to let you pick,
Can you guess what it could be, I do not think so, this one I do not think you will get,
Here is a little clue, it will not only me that wants her pussy nice and wet,
With your eyes still closed, she places your hands on a different set of breasts,
Ohhh, and then they are moved to another set, man is this the best,
Two pairs of hands being peeling off your pants,
Are you just imagining all of this, or is this going to finally be your chance,
There you stand, bare-assed naked, suddenly you feel something so incredible,
Two hot tongues fighting for your cock, man this is so irresistible,
One month sucking on the tip and the other vigorously working away at your balls,
All of the attention is making your masterpiece grow quite tall,
They tell you to open up your eyes,
This is when you are able to finally realize,
That there is definitely another person,
I cannot believe she went for this, I wonder her reason,
They grab your hand and lead you over to the bed,
They are talking in whispers and only nasty things are being said,
She lays her friend next to you and spreads her legs apart,
Her bald little pussy is where she begs me to start,
I slowly begin licking her clit, eating her pussy so delicately, mouth open she begins to moan,
More is sure to come I can hear it already in her tone,
God damn her pussy juices tasted so sweet,
I pull out a vibrator to give her pussy another nice little treat,
I take turns with the vibrator and my tongue I shove deep inside,
He is so horny now, he is begging one of you to sit on it and take a ride,
He is frustrated you will not let him eat,
So, he does the next best thing, and his cock he begins to beat,
I am watching him stroke his cock as I’m finger fucking her so intensely,
My own pussy is now so fucking hot and wet, only to  make perfect sense,
Finally, you tell him that he can join, he jumps up at the command,
Telling both of you that it is about time, and how you did not understand,
My girl takes the head of his cock and slowly slides it into her friends wet slit,
She is now in control of my cock, she guides it over the top of her swollen clit,
Than back to her friends,
Man, the chills that this has sent,
Tonight, I am the luckiest man here,
My only hopes that seconds will soon be near,
To be able to fuck two pussies side by side,
Only crawling on top and giving your cock a good little ride,
Till none of you can take anymore,
And much need sleep is now in store!

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