Tease or Torture?

You are giving me control tonight.
I ask you where the ropes are and I get them.
You are already excited about what’s going to happen, though you don’t really know.
I tell you to sit in the wooden chair. You sit.
I tie your hands behind the chair and I kiss the back of your neck whispering “you will love this”
You are in only boxers and I only in sexy black lingerie.
I begin to kiss your neck, straddling you and grinding on you to make your rod nice and hard… then I stop. Why you ask? You will see.
I stand directly in front of you and I begin to do a strip tease.
First the bra, unhooking it ever so slowly and sliding it off to reveal my hard nipples, which you so desperately need to suck.
I rub my tits while you stare.
I hook my thumbs in my sexy little thong and I turn my back to you, taking off my thong, bending over letting you see my toned ass.
You beg me to let you have me. I say no, this is too much fun.
I lay on the bed and spread my legs, revealing my bald pussy.
I begin to rub my clit with my thumb, moaning at this pleasure I know oh so well. I insert 2 fingers into my wet little slit and I moan louder. Your cock becoming larger and harder as each minute passes.
I go faster with my fingers and I decide that this is not enough.
I grab my vibrator and I electronically fuck myself until finally you scream my name and you are begging, begging, begging me to untie you.
I laugh and walk over you and kneel on the grown, I begin to kiss your chest, my tits pressing against your stomach.
I move down, down, down.
My hands moving like little spiders all over your torso.
I lightly kiss the head of your cock.
I lick a small circle around your head, making you moan for more.
I suck it in, inch by inch, my tongue rolling all over your delicious cock.
You tell me you need to touch me.
I lightly bite softly your shaft in disagreement.
I suck harder and harder until I cannot take it anymore.
I need you to have control…
I untie your hands.
Instantly, you jump off the chair and pin me to the bed.
You tell me “It’s time for me to tease you. Be my little dirty whore!”
I tell you to make it rough.
You nod and begin to rub my clit with your tip.
I moan and beg for more of this delicious ecstasy.
You say you cannot take it anymore and you shove it in my soaked slit hard and deep.
You go faster and faster, moaning in sync with me.
You say you are going to cum.
As am I.
I tell you to go faster and harder.
The scratches on your back get deeper, the screams get louder.
We orgasm simultaneously and collapse as one sweaty, sex filled body.

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One Response to Tease or Torture?

  1. Maira says:

    Oh wow….!

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