The Night Is Young

The night is still young is what he told me as I rushed him into the bedroom, but i was just so ready I couldn’t wait.

Seeing that he wasn’t as ready as I was I decided to help him out. I nudged him onto the edge of the bed and pulled off his shirt then he took his turn and did the same to me revealing my black lacy bra.

I slowly eased myself onto the bed and pulled off my tight mini skirt. i then unbuttoned his pants and easily slid the zipper down. Trying to get him hard I threw his pants on the ground and straddled his lap.

We started to kiss and I started to rub my pussy on his dick then he started to get a little bit happy slowly I slid off his lap and pulled of my panties along with his and he unhooked my bra. Ever so slowly I started to lean him back on to the bed and let my hand start to caress the head of his huge cock.

Starting to drive him mad I took my hand and gripped the body of his almost hard cock and started to rapidly thrust my hand up and down. He then started to moan with pleasure. Soon enough he was hard and ready to explode. He just kept moaning,” oh baby yes” ” keep going I’m going to cum” and with these words he couldn’t take it anymore and released his white hot sticky juices all over my legs hand and arm. He look a little embarrassed and then I whispered “this is when it gets fun.” he responded “the night is still young,” and with a smirk things took off.

With no effort he lifted me and threw me on to the bed and started to rub my exposed pussy rapidly with his middle and pointer finger and he felt my nipples get hard. Then he took the head of his hard cock and rubbed my clit starting to make me go crazy. Then as if he couldn’t get into me fast enough he thrust this throbbing cock deep in to my pussy letting out load moans of pleasure. As he continued to thrust his pulsating cock harder and harder into me I let out a loud moan and i started to cum. Sensing this he thrust faster and he began to climax. Letting out load moans and gasps he started to cum deep inside me.

With all this intense pleasure we grew weak and tired. So we curled up under the sheets and cuddled and fell asleep in each others’ arms. When we awoke we realized we trashed the room during our embrace last night. We began to get dressed and clean up reliving the memory we now had and ready to experience it again when the time is right and the night is young.

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