Sayang, my darling.

I lie sweating out my desires, twirling my finger over my goatee
Longing to be abused by your voluptuous body
Wondering how it feels to be deep within you
To be used by something so sensually addictive
Leaning back against the bed’s headboard
Legs spread wide, chest heaving with lustful breaths
I am controlled by desirably potent sexuality
My fingers explore the satin smoothness of my penis
Running delicately up along my hips
Around my belly button
Up to my nipples, tweaking them to burning wantonness
Tugging against erect and yearning nipples just the way I know you would
I imagine your lips, warm and wet closing around my cockhead
teasing over bundles of nerves in bursts of insatiable pleasure
I run my fingers along the bare skin of my inner thighs
Up and down in wavy motions
My other hand dances on the edge of my scrotum
I think of you painting a wet kiss with the broad stroke of your tongue
against the perineum base between my scrotum and anus
I tease myself with small strokes over the sensitive glans of my cock
But the teasing has to stop though I keep ogling your nude photos
I move my hand across my throbbing erection
My face goes red flushed with desire  imagining your fingers stroking me
cupping my balls while your middle finger teases my rectum
In shy tentative movements like a pianist for the first time
stroking the keys to produce sweet sounds of music
my hands become your hands
Confidently claiming me without trepidation
With succulent caresses my fingers swirl over throbbing flesh
till they find the very base of my rigid member
You know how to coax desire from me
My eyes stare into the ceiling as I envision you here
My silent lover pulling my strings like a puppet master
I press my knees up against my chest to expose my anus
I can almost feel you probing my puckered hole
Digging me deeper and further into ecstasy
Until I am rubbed raw inside and out
I smack my palm against the perineum wall digging my finger into my rectum
My spine bending, arcing in a perfect curve
Licking my lips as my semen starts to boil within my scrotum
Hand slick in the veneer of love induced sweat
I set myself free and surrender to pleasurable desires
I ride upon the tides of ecstasy brought by the flickering thoughts of you
Languid in the haze of lust I wrap your dream image around myself
Falling into the depths this unearthly pleasure
My thoughts on you as I’m spurting jet-streams of semen
My breath expelling my naughty thoughts into the air
Passion released from the very base of my being
Quivering in pure pleasure squeezing the last drop out
Wishing I was pumping my essence into you to partake
Knowing very well, my desires for you never die.

Written by: Paddy Mcbrian

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One Response to Sayang, my darling.

  1. Maira says:

    always….and more 😉

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