I Dream Of You

I lay awake this morning
With signs I dreamt of you.
The hard-on I donned
Says sexy dreams of you
My thoughts of you being so far away
Kills me cause I know
It’s just another erection unused
Although I know soon one day
You’ll be here to take me
To suck me and to fuck me
When I wake that way

At nights I dream dreams only of you
I live for those dreams
Those sexy, naughty, fantasy dreams
I dream those sensual dreams
The ones I know you too want to hear
So in these poems I write describing how
Those dreams turn out
As you read I know you want
You want my dreams as much as I
My dreams of you to become a verity

My dreams I dream
They are what I yearn
But when my eyes aren’t closed
These dreams become daydreams of you
It’s possible for you to help with these dreams of you
Give in to me on your return
Give in to our sexy, naughty, sensual dreams.

Written by: Paddy Mcbrian

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One Response to I Dream Of You

  1. Maira says:

    Wonder who is these poems are dedicated to…i bet she’s ready to give u her all reding them…

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