Sexual Appeal

Cunt. Pussy. Quim. Fanny.
Call it what you like.
Just so long as you let me.
Let me slide my fingers in between your legs
And up into your secret places.
Let me stroke you, work you, make you wet.
I’ll make you gasp and sigh in satisfaction,
And then I’ll make you cry and moan in
With the hard thrust of my penis.

I’ll plunge and drive, go deep inside you.
I’ll make you breathless. Pleasure
Will rush and throb through your body.
I’ll suck and lick your pretty ears, draw my tongue
Across the smooth skin of your neck.

Go on, push your hips up into mine.
Feel me rub against your clitoris.
Hold me tighter, closer, only you
Can make me hard like this.
Climax with me, scream and call my name,
Then let me lie on top of you,
Shaking and out of breath, as my semen
Fills you up inside.

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