The day we consummated our relationship – Pt.1.

Part 1

The day has finally come. I have been feeling both excited yet apprehensive about today. I am meeting up with my darling to finally consummate our relationship which so far only involved heavy petting and kissing. We have been feeling this mutual sense of urgency to copulate our relationship as we have always planned to develop it progressively into one that is both physically intimate as well as passionate. So it was decided that as soon as Mylove came back from her outstation trip, we will get together and lift our relationship to a higher plateau.

Mylove was away a whole week and I realized then how much I loved her as I felt her absence intensely while she was away. The strange thing is that Mylove and I do not live together but instead met once a week to spend time together. However, this particular week we could not meet as she was going away on an official trip and I felt she was so far away from me as I missed her terribly. I felt tension building up as the week progressed. Part of me was filled with excitement difficult to suppress yet I was also very nervous and jittery at the same time. Needless to say, she is very important to me in my life, and it was of paramount importance that she experienced complete satisfaction during our first love making as a couple. In short, ‘The best she ever had’, so to speak.

It was a psychological roller-coaster week for me as one moment I am all excited and thrilled at the prospect of finally claiming Mylove as my own whilst the next moment plunging into worry and despair as my mind runs through all the possibilities of things that could, and knowing me, might very possibly go wrong. I have always felt that the first impression (in this case, first experience), is very important and leaves an everlasting benchmark of an individual. Being known at times as a ‘cup-half-empty’ kind of guy, I was fast becoming a nervous wreck. Luckily for me it was only a week to wait, otherwise I would have been a mental case for sure! It was getting difficult to sleep at nights and the last couple of days were the worst.

So here we are, the day of reckoning is upon me. I want this to be a really special experience for the woman that I have fallen in love with. I booked a hotel room and decided to check-in at least half hour earlier so that I could have the room checked and air-condition operating to get the room cool and cozy for her arrival. I decided to get undressed, wrap myself in a towel and to take my mind off the tension of watching the minutes roll by, I picked up yesterday’s papers and decided to focus on the ‘Classifieds’, of all things! The fact that she called to say she was just across the road from the where the hotel was located to ask for directions to make a u-turn back to my side of the highway definitely didn’t do much to calm my nerves!

For those of you wondering what all the worry is about, I have to admit that I have not been  with a woman that I have fallen so in love with for over two years now. And was really concerned if all the ‘machinery’ was in working order and whether I will come out as an overtly excited juvenile bungling my way through the whole process, in other words, to fall flat on my face….get my drift? She has become incredibly precious to me and making the best lasting first impression I can possibly achieve as I know she is for keeps. This woman has warmed her way into my heart. I have fallen in love with her and want her to be happy in bed with me. It would have been different if it was a one-night stand or a one off fling, it wouldn’t have mattered so much then.

The moment I have been looking forward to finally dawned upon me when I was jerked out of a state of stupor with the really loud and seemingly amplified ringing of the room door bell. I jumped out of bed in a rush, causing my towel wrapped around my waist to fall off. It must have taken me awhile to pick the towel off the floor and wrap myself again because I heard the bell ring again… ”Darn”, I thought “good work making a first impression! I just made my lady wait too long at the door!” So, fumbling with my towels and finding my opposable thumbs being completely useless at the time they were needed most! “Might just as well grunt and go down on all fours while I strut and beat my chest with cupped hands like a gorilla”, I thought as I stumbled my way across to the door which felt like a mile away at that very moment! I start fumbling with the locks and start to open the door…….

To be continued……..

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  1. Maira says:

    🙂 amazing…

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