The day we consummated our relationship – Pt.2

Part 2

So there I was fumbling with the door…unlocking the door knob, I started to pull it open when I noticed that the metal latch was still catching. So I had to close it again and unhook the latch. “How unceremonious of me”, I recall thinking. Steadily, I pulled the door back before me, being highly conscious of my present state of undress – a towel hanging precariously on my hips as I opened the door and looked at my darling standing there. For a few precious seconds, I stood there absorbing her beauty and tantalizing aura. She has the most stunning smile that really captures my heart and the most beautiful pair of eyes that never fails to bewitch me each time she gazes into my eyes. Her petite height always brings out the chivalry in me as I sense this overwhelming desire to hold her in my arms and protect her – to be her knight in shining armor.

I tried to look casual (try being casual clad only in a towel!), and attempted greeting her coolly but failed miserably with my voice cracking as I did so. Reaching out slightly, I took her hand to lead her in while holding the door ajar and keeping my fingers crossed that the haphazard knot on my towel does not come undone now and slip down my waist! As she walked in past me, I could not help myself but sneak a quick glance at the curvaceous shape of my darling before me. My darling is petite in height, hardly even 156cm tall, but has a 36G bosom and one of the most rounded pair of ass protruding out of her posterior that I have ever seen on a woman!

We hugged as she turned to me after walking into the room, one hand around her as I pulled her towards me, while my other hand pushed the door close behind me. At that very moment, I felt so happy because I knew that for the next few hours, the world consisted of only her and me. We finally have the privacy we had been yearning for weeks now, and it was left to us to make the best of this precious time allocated to us – and us alone. I was determined not to mess it up by rushing the experience in an impatient rush of clumsy fervour. I want the experience to be one of passion and tenderness, of love and care. To ensure that she felt loved throughout the whole encounter, her pleasure and satisfaction my utmost priority, an encounter to be relished with sweet joyous recollections in the future to come.

I held her tightly to my body. I loved the feel of her body soft yet firmly against me, a snugly loving embrace as I enjoy the warmth of her body within my arms. Hugging her, I could not ignore the sensation my body was feeling, the tingling of excitement going through me as I felt her breasts pushed up against my chest. I was helpless against the quickening of my breath as my heart starts to pump harder with the excitement that was building up riding on the wave of desire searing though every pulsating vein in my body. I took the opportunity to bury my face into the nape of her neck, kissing her while inhaling the sweet fragrance of her hair that was having an invigorating and vivifying effect on my already surging libido.

While embracing her, I realized that the driving force behind my burning desire for her was not lust, but pure adoration and sincere unadulterated love that I harbor for this special person that has become my beloved. I realized that I was in no rush to break this embrace as there and then, at that very moment, I felt my world complete just being one in that position – two bodies entwined into a single being. I felt at peace, the peace that has been eluding me for a long time. In that unhurried moment, nothing mattered as a sense of tranquility consumed me. It that period of discernment, I have found my solace here within this beautiful embrace. A revelation emerged so strong that the even the slightest hint of doubt was vanquished – that in her, I found my life partner, my soul mate. That my quest to search for the one person to love and adore, to care and shower my affection on has finally been attained. With this enlightenment, came a huge sense of deliverance that our decision to consummate our relationship was one unhindered by any conceivable fault or flaw.

She has below-shoulder length hair, soft and with a little waviness in it, giving it a seductive bounce as she moves her head. As I kissed and nibbled at her neck while teasing her earlobe, I took the opportunity to run my fingers through her hair, holding locks of her hair close to my nostrils so as to inhale the aromatic perfume of her shampoo that was truly intoxicating. Slowly, I turned my face to kiss the smooth beautiful skin that is her cheek, inhaling and drawing her sensual scent into me. From the first day we met, I found her cheeks so irresistible and unable to fight the desire to stroke her face – to feel the smoothness of her skin against the back of my fingers. I have long given up resisting the urge to plant kisses on her cheeks as I love the feel of her skin against my lips. Kissing both cheeks repeatedly, I inched my way to her pouting sweet lips. The softly sweet and moist lips that I love to lock lips with and let our tongues dance in each others’ mouths – something that never fails to poke the warm amber glow within me into a raging fire of desire and excitement. Our lips grazed each other in gentle pecks, teasing each other as we progressed rapidly into a passionately intense kissing session with tongues entwined in union as we grab each other to practically lock lips harder and deeper into one another…

To be continued…..

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