15 ways to blow your man in bed.

Blow Him Away in Bed: Oral Sex Tips
Think you know all the tricks to operate his joystick? Think again! Here’s how to use your tongue, lips, and, yes, even teeth on his prime real estate in ways you’ve never imagined.

Get the lowdown
Don’t get us wrong: Men love all oral sex. If you’re down there, he’s in heaven, period. Still, don’t you want to blow past his expectations and introduce him to levels of bliss far beyond what he dared to dream could exist? Totally doable — just take a tip or two from this flipbook, which will get you using your tongue, lips, and, yes, even teeth on his prime real estate in ways you’ve never imagined (nor has he, which is really saying something). Ladies, prepare to plaster a perma-grin on his face and yours.

Maintain a little eye contact
Believe it or not, men can get a little lonely up there. So, make sure to glance up and hold his gaze every once in awhile. Add a devilish gleam in your eye, and he’ll be in heaven.

Lend a helping hand
Let’s face it, your mouth can only cover so much ground (the average penis is five to six inches, while the average mouth is only two to three inches — you do the math). That’s why the very best oral sex usually incorporates some hands-on action to pick up the slack. So, feel free to mix-and-match the moves in this chapter with those in chapter 11. Or make an O with your hand, place it on your lips, and move them in tandem. This will create the illusion that you’re taking him all in while in reality it’s more like three-fifths. Pretty good trick, huh?

Know the science of suction
Ever wonder why they’re called blow jobs when you’re actually doing the exact opposite — sucking? Anyway, for anyone who can’t quite figure out how to do it, suction is created by placing the back of your tongue on the roof of your mouth then sliding it backward to create a vacuum. Now, we all know suction’s a crucial ingredient to oral sex, but keep in mind, we can only really suck on the first inch and a half. Take in any more, and your tongue must drop to accommodate it, nullifying those Hoover-esque effects. Don’t worry, though — many men find too much suction a turnoff. To find out how much he likes, ask him to suck on your fingers with the intensity he’d like you to use down yonder. Then fine-tune your technique accordingly.

Prep the area so it’s palatable
Granted, there are plenty of reasons to not like giving oral sex. That doesn’t mean you just have to sit there and suffer, since there are plenty of ways to circumvent these unsavory aspects. For example, pounce right after he’s taken a shower. Ask him to trim his pubic hair, or offer to do it yourself. If you’re worried about your gag reflex, you can prevent this by making sure you’re in control of the motion, not him. And if swallowing isn’t up your alley, have him stage his release on your chest, which is nice eye candy for him and won’t muck up your hair.

The Backstroke
Chances are, you’re already using your tongue in all sorts of tantalizing ways down below. But here’s one thing you probably haven’t considered: using the underside of your tongue instead. Its soft, silky texture will feel especially sublime on the frenulum — a super-sensitive spot located below the head of his penis in the center of the underside of the coronal ridge. Here’s what to do: Holding the base of his penis and resting your chin on the underside of his shaft for stability, place the underside of your tongue on this sweet spot and quickly swipe it from side to side like a windshield wiper. Precise as surgery and yet very potent, this move is a great way to kick things off.

The Ice-Cream Cone Technique
We think you can imagine what this looks like. Make your tongue as flat as possible (it’ll cover more territory that way), then slowly run it along his pride and joy from base to tip. Take your time, leave no spot unlicked, and this move will look as delightful as it feels.

The Rhythm Method
Once you’re down there and going at it, pacing becomes important, and this move will show him you’ve got that base covered. Rather than just bobbing up and down at a constant speed, start with five slow bobs, then move to four slow bobs and one fast, then three slow and two fast, and so on. Once you’ve reached five fast ones, revert back to five slow, then repeat. This move adds variation but also builds anticipation — two of the most basic components to great oral sex.

Wind in the Willows
To wake up his nerve endings in an entirely new way, take a break from your usual warm-and-wet routine, pucker your lips, and blow. Shivers of bliss should ensue.

The Pearly Gates
As a general rule, teeth and penises don’t play well together, but this technique (and the next one, for that matter) is one very sexy exception. Lick your front teeth, tilt your head sideways, then press the flat of your chompers against the shaft, running them up and down its length. Sound sketchy? Truth is, as long as you avoid sharp, pointed edges that can scrape the skin, he’ll appreciate any new textures you try on him. And believe it or not, this move will actually feel smooth (they don’t call your teeth pearly whites for nothing).

The Tug of Love
Nibble your way up the side of his penis as if it were corn on the cob, taking the skin lightly between your lips or teeth and tugging gently. Believe it or not, it is possible to pinch the skin here without inducing pain: Done right, these little love nips will galvanize his nerve endings — and make you look like a bit of an animal (trust us, that’s a good thing).

Oral Sex on the Rocks
Put an ice cube in your mouth before diving down. The heat of your mouth combined with the occasional flashes of chilliness will keep him on his toes.

The Mint-in-Mouth Trick
Rumors abound that popping a few Altoids pre-fellatio can result in a “curiously strong” send-off. But is it true? Well, science seems to support this claim: The menthol that causes the pleasant tingling in your mouth should work on all mucous membranes, which include the nostrils and those naughtier bits below. So, go ahead and give it a try — or, to take the sensation to next level, take a swig of club soda along with a mint, which will create a fizzing, bubbly eruption in your mouth that he’s bound to enjoy. (And no, it’s not dangerous.)

Upside-down Oral Sex
Lie on your back on the bed or a couch and lean your head off the edge. Meanwhile, he stands, inserts his penis into your mouth, then moves it in and out while you remain still. Not only will he enjoy controlling the motion (and you’ll learn a ton about what he’d like you to do down below), but by leaning back, you create a straight path from your mouth to your throat, making it easier for him to delve deep. Don’t worry, we’re not talking Deep Throat deep. If you’re afraid he’ll induce your gag reflex, tell him to take it slow and place your hands on his buttocks or pelvis to steer him a little. (Random factoid: When a man controls the action it’s actually not called fellatio, but irrumination, but most guys don’t really care what it’s called; they’re too occupied with the fact that it feels amazing.)

The Big W
Now that you’ve spent plenty of time on his most prized real estate, let us turn for a moment to a neighboring area that rarely gets as many visitors: the scrotum. Whether you steer clear of his testicles because you’re afraid they’re too sensitive or just have no clue what to do with them, this technique will get you touring the highlights without too much effort. Starting with your tongue at the top left-hand corner, trace a path down along the side and, once you reach the bottom, do a U-turn and swoop up the middle seam between his testicles. Then backtrack down the seam, around the bottom, and up the right side. Essentially, you’ll be tracing a large W, which, in his mind, can stand for only one thing: “Wow!

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