How was your day, Sweetheart?

I miss him, he calls.

He is on his way
It’s forbidden, we know it
yet I feel a storm raging inside me with anticipation.

He pulls up I smile
He is greeted with kisses.
I close the door behind him and immediately jump all over him.

He kisses me hungrily
Saying hello in between breaths.
I feel the tingling sensation between my legs

He reaches under my skirt
He moans from the wetness
He caresses my clit I jump, realizing I am pinned against the wall.

One finger, then two
I shudder and shake
He can see my desire to feel him inside of me.

He lays me down,
My clothes disappear,
I gasp when his tongue enters me.

Slow gentle licks first,
Then his fingers joined the wetness
Between the softness of his tongue on my clit and his fingers in my pussy
I feel a rush inside me and I know it is about to happen,

Shaking uncontrollably, I finally cum in his mouth……….

He get up,
He kisses me,
I taste delicious on his lips
And he said………How was your day Sweetheart?

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