The day we consummated our relationship – Pt.3

Part 3

After being locked in passionate embrace, I took my darling by the hand and led her to the edge of the bed. There we continued to embrace each other, kissing passionately as my hands start to reach up in between us and grab for her 36G bosom with both my inquisitively hungry palms. My breath caught for a moment when I felt how big my darling’s boobs really are. Through the fabrics of her blouse and bra that confined her magnificent breasts, I came to appreciate just what the phrase, ‘More than a handful’ really meant! They felt soft to the touch, yet enticingly taut and full at the same time. I could actually feel the bounciness in them as I jiggle them a bit from under each breast. Pushing my thumbs beneath the mammoth globes of flesh with my other fingers grabbing the top of each boob, I rolled my thumbs over her breasts, stopping over her nipples, digging at them gently to arouse them under the layer of cloths that prevented my thumbs the pleasure of directly touching them at that moment. I feel them reacting to the manipulation of my thumbs – erecting, poking against her bra and blouse while I continue to tease them with my thumbs. I lean down to kiss her boobs, nibbling playfully at the bulges pushing up against her blouse, where her nipples were poking thru. She gasped as she felt my attention was now being concentrated on her heaving bosom.

During the early stages of our relationship, my darling gave me a picture of her sitting on her bed looking into the cam with a super sweet smile, the kind of smile that I have grown so addicted to. In that picture she wore a cute little pink baby t-shirt that helps accentuate the curviness of her bosom, making it irresistibly impossible not to gaze at them and appreciate the voluptuousness of my darling’s chest. Especially when this particular tight body hugging t-shirt allows me a teasing peek at the beginning of a yummy cleavage pushing up against the top of her low-neckline t-shirt. Now, here at this very moment, I really get to fully appreciate the fullness of those magnificent boobies in the palms of my hands. I have always liked big boobs but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself feeling up a pair of massive globes within the grasp my hands! I was totally dumbfounded by the fact that my palms were not large enough to completely cup her breasts without having them overflow out of the confinements of my hands! I almost pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming all this up…!

It was difficult to contain my excitement when the comprehension of reality was finally upon me that I was not in some fantasy dream and that the woman of my dreams is really here before me, with me and in love with me. It was overly obvious to her too that I was all excited and exuberantly worked up from feeling up her gorgeous pair of boobies. This was evident from my trembling fingers as I tried to unbutton the buttons on her blouse. I recall wondering at that time why they would put such tiny buttons on a blouse as my hands were really fumbling and struggling to get them undone. I felt as if my fingers had bloated up with pride from having just felt up a pair of the most beautiful knockers they ever came across! To make matters worse, my darling announced that she was not going to help me undo those buttons and I came very close to actually biting them off with my teeth in yearning anticipation of revealing her bosom before my lusting eyes.

After much and admittedly embarrassing unfruitful attempts, I managed to finally undo a couple of her buttons. Finally, after agonizing moments of frustration at not being able to open her blouse nimbly enough, I was rewarded with the most beautiful sight of the most alluring and lustrous pair of cleavage I have ever set my eyes upon. I found myself unable to contain my excitement any further, nor repress my impatience to satisfy my desires of feeling the warmness and the velvety smoothness of her bountiful globes in my hands. Her cleavage had a certain glistening glow about it that is both mesmerizing and tantalizing at the same time. I felt the burning desire within me to slip my hand in between the deep valley that formed between her breasts that are pressed together beguilingly in the constrained confinements of her bra, drawing me closer and closer to its enchanting beauty. For lack of sophistication and elegance, in total abandonment of even the slightest shred of chivalry, I found myself lowering my face and kissing her cleavage wantonly, inhaling – no, actually sucking in the sweet essence exuding from within her bosom.

Having planted numerous kisses on her captivating cleavage, I slipped my right hand into the deep ravine between her boobs and grabbed for her right boob, pulling it out of the confinement of her bra while my left hand help push her bra underneath her right boob to both free her boob while as the same time provide support for that massive mammary gland that is now finally liberated from its cruel confinements and now exposed in all her glory and beauty for the eyes of the beholder – ME!! Using the back of my left hand, I proceed to stroke her bared right boob in an upward motion towards her chest, then alternating with my palm as I travel back down that voluptuous mound towards her nipple. I continue to stroke her breast up and down, enjoying immensely the velvety smooth feeling of her taut skin while absorbing the warmness of her body emanating through her flesh into the skin of my hand, blowing the flames of my desires into a raging inferno of lust. At this point, I was really struggling within myself to ensure that I do not become aggressive and end up being too rough or unrestrained to the point of hurting her. I realized I failed at some points in my attempts at restraint when I grabbed her boobs and squeezed them several times. I hear her moan, she gasps when I do this – “but was it out of pleasure or pain”? I asked myself. So I decided to exert more restrain on myself, this is my beautiful woman, to love and give the most pleasure in bed…never to inflict pain, albeit unintentionally.

I bend forward to look at her exposed nipple close up. All this wait to admire the hidden treasures of her stunning body, I intent to absorb and revere with all my heart today. To enjoy and adore every inch of her body, every curve, every crevice. She has the cutest and delicious nipple I have seen. Brownish in color – although not as dark as I would have expected from a breastfed nipple. Moderate in size, just nice to slip into my mouth, feel its presence in it and be able to access its entirety in my mouth with my tongue. I tweaked it with my thumb and index finger, twirling my middle finger around the lovely areola that is equally light brown in color. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised. Most pictures I see of extra large boobs always comes with rather overly large areolas, which in my opinion, do not do much justice to the beauty of the boob. Anyway, getting back on track, the combined manipulative action on my darling’s  nipple and areola with my fingers  seems to pleasure my darling very much. Stealing glances at her, I saw her eyes roll up in pleasure, soft moans escaping her slightly parted lips as she push her head tilted gently backwards. Not able to resist it any further, I moved forward and slipped her nipple into my mouth. I felt ecstatic as I sucked her nipple gently – suckling like a baby would initially, gradually building the momentum up into a vigorous act of pulling and tugging at her nipple with my teeth, gently nibbling on her erected hard teat while using my tongue to tease it in a swirling motion within my mouth, deriving moans of pleasure as I try to work in rhythmic flow with the heaving of her chest. Her hand resting behind my head pushing me towards her chest is silent assurance to me that I am doing the right thing.

Finally taking my head away from her yummy nipple…talk about appetizers here…wowww!; I found that it gave me time to settle my nerves a little and successfully undo the rest of  the buttons on her blouse. I know it is a normal blouse but it felt like this particular blouse had the tiniest and longest train of buttons I ever came across..! My darling was a little more kinder to me this time as she offered to unhook the bra for me and did so in such a sultry and seductive manner that I found myself lunging forward and grabbing both her swollen melons with both hands as I, without any inkling of hesitation, buried my face into them, showering every inch of her globes with wet kisses while brushing my lips and nose teasingly against her nipples. I took each nipple into my hungry mouth, one teat at a time. Nibbling on them as I shift my mouth from one boob, to the other. Ravaging her breasts, I could not stop jiggling them, squeezing and handling them as I have never before in my life, had the pleasure of enjoying boobs of this immense proportion. Now that I think of it, I manhandled her boobs without an inch of restrain and now actually hope, I was not too rough with her awesome pair of boobs. I cannot for the life of me, recall how much time I spent ravaging and fondling and caressing her boobs all at the same time, but I know no matter how much time I spent on her bosom, it was never enough…I wanted more, and intended to get a lot more…. But for now, I wanted to divert my attention for a little while to the areas below her waist… my darling is now topless, but not completely naked. That is about to change very soon as I sat back on the edge of the bed and pull her by the top of her pants towards me….

 To be continued….

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