Relax, relax, sayang relax..

Sayang, allow me to help you relax – from the soles of your feet to the top of your crown. As your trusted confidante, your lover, your consort – you have confided in me exactly what you desire. How you’ve been neglected and left in wanting. Your desires and needs for pleasurable experiences senselessly forsaken.

You see in me my ardent wish to ease your pain. My desire to fulfill every need that’s been left lacking. To do everything within my faculty to help you forget the anguish within your heart. Sensually delicate is the touch. Caressing but barely grazing your velvety silky skin ever so gently.

The tantalizing fragrance of your favorite incense fill the room. The closing of eyes, an indication that the onset of inner tranquility  has begun. Your choice drink at hand to further the provocative you with the relief that your body and soul pined for. Darling, I’m here for you.

While I stroke your gorgeous legs, I reach in for the inner thighs rubbing them as you moan gently under your breath. The sexy triangle within your thighs starts to moisten as your panties dampen from sweetly sensual nectar secreting from within you. I savor the aroma yearning to partake of it, yet touch I dare not.

For I have lusted after you for as long as I can remember. I struggle to remain patient but find myself yielding to my desires to have you. I pay heed to the pronounced erection of your pretty nipples that presently are at its most aroused I have ever seen.

Sayang in my presence, you’ll never have to worry about being neglected. I will always endeavor to fulfill. Only when you allow me to help you to relax, relax, relax…

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