A love that is to no end..

He took her hand and let her to the dance floor.
She wore a thin laced haltered dress lengthened layered to her ankles and nothing more.
Her skin so soft illuminated through the dimmed lights,
The ballroom dance floor filled with passion’s delight.
Couples gathered and danced their sensual dances
As the samba tune turned began playing they exchanged glances.
He looked like an angel though devilishly handsome
As His hand held hers and the other down the side of her body with fingers so close to the underside of her bosom.
They faced each other, loving eyes at one another.
Desire that flared all over yet with a look so tender.
Hearts pounding as his hand began slipping..
Slipping across her waist and tugged her close to him.
Her thoughts raced with him pulling her to a tight embrace.
She could see that wry smile painted on his face.
When he twirled her about and pulled her back in,
Her back pressed against his, he leaned for a kiss.
Tilted her head to the side his hands now began to glide.
As the music made the others go swaying, their hips slowly began grinding.
He whispered something in her ear, though the music loud she heard it so clear.
She shook her head, he nodded his with a grin
Then he guided her towards the spot where the lights grew more dim.
His hands wrapped around her waist, She felt his tongue with every taste.
Her body began to shiver as she felt his throbbing member
It pressed hard against her ass seeming time slowly pass.
From behind he lifted her dress, his hand slipped in along the side down to her mound and pressed.
She gasped in silence biting her bottom lip as he breathe against her skin and smiled on her shoulder into a nip
The music felt so right, with his arm wrapped around her tight.
She looked around and check to see, if anyone was watching but how could it be?
The lights are down low, the music so slow
Will she be able to hold it? or will she come to a blow?
He pressed on her clit, and swirled his finger around
She felt her head fall back and he could hear make a low sound.
A grin formed his lips as he ground against her hips.
His aching cock swollen and wanting, as he slipped his finger inside her pussy so begging.
She fought to keep her eyes opened, his hand inside her probed to make it happen.
An evil she kept within her wanting soul, He dared summon to fulfill his goal.
With a ragged breath and pounding heart, his fingers thrust hard and began to start.
Her knees buckling and couldn’t hold it any longer as his hand rubbed her pussy harder.
He felt her arch her back against him with his hands that gripped her breast with firm wanting.
He whispered low in her ear “That’s it baby, cum for me..Cum right here right now for me..”
She heard him speak she nodded her head. She opened her eyes and looked ahead.
“Watch me people, watch me as i cum..” and she thrust her hips against his hand, her thighs oozed dampness his fingers drenched.
Soon she cried out groping his arm as he lovingly held her cream so warm.
He smiled and kissed her, she looked at her lover.
Removing the hand from her dripping thighs, She came to look up at him with panting sighs.
As their lips met, he lifted that hand, and placed it between their lips
to taste the juice of a love that’s to no end.

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