Areas a woman likes being kissed at.

There are many techniques that can be used to seduce a woman, but one of your most powerful tools is your mouth – women loved to be kissed, and not just on the lips. Read on to discover the top five places that women like to be kissed.

The Ears

If you think that the ears sound like an unlikely source of pleasure then think again. Stimulating a woman’s ears can give her intense pleasure. Gently kissing, sucking and nibbling her earlobes will send shivers down her spine. Breathing lightly in her ear as your lips brush against it will also leave her wanting more.

The Neck

Kissing a woman’s neck is a sure-fire way to get her in the mood. Make your way to it after passionately kissing your partners lips or take her by surprise and approach her from behind, sweep the hair off her neck and plant your kiss. Then enjoy as she goes weak at the knees. Just remember to keep the sucking to a minimum on the neck – leaving visible love bits is not a good look.

The Face

Touching or kissing a partner’s face is an incredibly intimate and sensual act. Place delicate kisses on your lover’s cheeks, forehead, jaw line, nose and closed eyelids. Keep kisses tender and express your love for your partner via your lips

The Breasts

Most men love to dive in and fondle a woman’s breasts, but you risk turning your partner off if you get it wrong. Don’t make a beeline for the nipples and certainly don’t treat them like a stress reliever. Keep stimulation light and tender; and make sure that your partner is turned on before you tantalise the nipples. Use your mouth all over her breasts and circle the areola with your tongue before kissing and licking the sensitive centre.

The Hips

Stimulate this super sensitive area by tracing the lines of your partner’s hips with your tongue and lips. You’ll inevitably end up at her most intimate area – which is where she really wants you mouth to be. So place long, lingering kisses and tease your partner before succumbing and performing oral sex on her.

There are various other parts of a woman’s body that you can apply your mouth to. Anywhere that she likes to be touched with your hands will most likely feel great when stimulated by a warm, wet mouth; so experiment all over her body with kissing, licking, nibbling, biting, and sucking.

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