A Dream of Realization?

Have you ever been in a dream,
Where you don’t want to wake up from?
You just want to remain asleep, staying in that dream,
Because here you feel safe and protected,
Loved and cared for.
There’s nothing more that you want or need.
You feel like you have everything.
In my case, I had you.

And I could’ve sworn I felt you.
I heard your voice, you enticing laughter,
Your beautiful hair shimmering in the sun light.
You were standing all by yourself,
Until I walked up to you.
Even though people were running all around us, screaming.
But to me we were alone.
I heard only your heart-warming voice.
And only saw you, oblivious to all around us,
As your melting dark eyes stared into mine.
My heart rushed, beating faster and faster.
I could’ve been on a roller coaster, that was how I felt.
Unfortunately, before anything got better,
Before we even had a chance to make it work, I woke up.
Feeling like I have been thru this dream twice,
Because for all I know, and alas, I know this to be true.
Acknowledging the reality of it, burns a hole in my heart,
That dream just might very well have been my last moment with you.

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