Empowering one’s self thru self-gratification.

The dirty word of the sexual world, masturbation conjures up images of old men, nuns, and cucumbers. But much like reality TV, we all indulge in it, but no one likes to admit how much they enjoy it. People often assume that Tantra, Tantric Sex, Erotic and Sensual Massage all require a partner. A partner is good, however anyone can reap the benefits, and by going solo you are in a unique position to really explore yourself, discover what turns you on , and to nurture yourself in any way that your mind, body and soul desire.

So dim the lights, put on the music, get the oils out, and give yourself a hand. It’s time to celebrate a bit of quality ME time:

Masturbation and Empowerment
For the ladies out there – the majority of women self-love lying down on their backs, however why not add some variety and intrigue ? Stand up, do it before a luxurious candle lit bath, outdoors (if you have privacy), any place that feels harmonious, relaxed and safe.

Create a sensual and inviting mood. You are loving yourself so don’t hold back on preparation. You are taking the time to honor yourself and this takes as much time, preparation and focus as if with a lover.

Let Go of Old Limiting Beliefs
Some women aren’t comfortable touching and pleasing themselves and the thought of self loving creates resistance. Why not let go your old beliefs, pain, and frustration. Use this time to honor yourself, your femininity, your body. Give yourself all the love, attention and pleasure that you really want.

Put on some comfortable yet inviting clothing, breathe deeply and slowly to relax your mind and body. A more relaxed mind and body equals stronger more pleasurable and intense orgasms. So always take the time to unwind, de-stress and shut out the world.

Tease, Explore and Arouse
Tease, explore and gently arouse and awaken your female goddess by touching and stroking your body avoiding the intimate areas for at least 20–30 minutes. Stroke your legs, inner thighs, hands, feet, lightly brush over your breasts. Feel your sexual energy pulsating throughout your whole body, increasing in intensity the more attention and focus you lavish on yourself.

When you feel your whole body tingling, apply soft sensual touches to the breasts, gently stoke your yoni, lips, clitoris (but don’t apply to much pressure directly on the head at this point). Explore how each area feels to your touch, explore the texture and sensations of each area, gently insert one finger into the yoni, about 2 inches within, and move in and out.

Finding Your G-Spot
The majority of nerve endings in the vagina or yoni are located near the opening. Your slow, shallow thrusts will create pulses of sexual energy and pleasure.
Now insert the finger(s) a bit deeper. Explore inside. Feel the heat and pressure on your fingers, feel your yoni tighten around your fingers as you become more aroused. You will find the G-Spot on the inner wall of the vagina.

Massage this soft raised area by placing the palm up and curling the fingers slightly applying whatever movement works best for you. Use your other hand to caress your breasts, stoke your stomach, thighs, and abdomen.

Don’t Forget the Men…
For the men out there – start by setting and creating a Sensual Environment. Lie or sit on a comfortable surface, the bed, bath, standing up, or anywhere else you fancy. Most men don’t take the time to nurture themselves and their bodies, so use this time to explore yourself, really feel the sensations and emotions that come up.
Feelings and sensations are all part of you, and your sexual soul, so express them freely and let go of any frustrations, hurts, irritations. Allow yourself to receive pure unadulterated pleasure.
Masturbation is not only a great way to love and pleasure yourself, but it also facilities relaxation, deeper and more intense orgasms, and more sexual energy and attraction.

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