Erotic Role Playing – 10 sizzling ideas to begin with.

The stripper
… or the Chippendale! Lightly dressed, you dance for and flirt with your lover but he doesn’t have the right to touch you. While he sits on his hands, you strike some lustful poses and dance and slowly strip; you know exactly how to turn him on.

Why’s it so hot?
It’s exhibitionism and voyeurism in one. It’s healthy and natural. Everyone likes looking at their partner’s body or feeling looked at and desired. The sense of sight is one of the senses that count the most when it comes to desire and pleasure, especially for men!

All tied up
Although in reality it’s wrong, in fantasies and role play, its significance is completely different. In the real world, restraining someone is assault or rape, even. In role play, in contrast, it signifies: “you’re so desirable that I can’t resist you. You have such power over me that I want you at all costs”. And for a woman, it can be very liberating. She might allow herself do things she would never normally have dared, because she’s obliged to.

But the role playing must always remain a game and both partners must be fully consenting about the scenario. Otherwise, it could become very unpleasant. Have a safe word to say if things get out of hand or go too far for you. It shouldn’t be ‘NO’ or ‘STOP’ because you’ll need those words for a realistic role play – something like ‘BANANA’ or ‘BINGO’ should kill the mood, like an emergency stop button.

Why’s it so hot?
Sex when restrained in some way can be a real eye-opener to things you hadn’t even thought about or dared to suggest yourself. And if you’re the one doing the tying up, you can really get to know your partner’s body and see just how badly he wants you. You’ll get to tease him until he’s about to explode!

Joker card
All of the previous ideas are just suggestions so you can, of course, come up with your own scenarios too. Let your fantasies run free: “I’m the wolf and you’re Little Red Riding Hood”, “I’m the master and you’re my slave”, “let’s play doctors and nurses”… anything goes! Use props and don’t be afraid to improvise – no silk scarf? Tie him up with your stockings! Change your appearance too – the key to good role play is really getting into character.

The rougher a game is, the greater the understanding needs to be between the two partners. A certain amount of playful aggressiveness can be a turn-on if you totally trust the other person. Always have a safe word agreed so you can stop the game if you feel uncomfortable.

The repairman
This works equally well with the plumber, electrician, etc. You choose! Your partner, a jack of all trades, rings the bell. You greet this manly figure in your new satin nightdress and let him in. You flirt a bit while he rummages through his toolbox. Ideally, draw this part out for a while. Then, when your repairman actually starts to ‘repair’ something, you lean over him, brushing past him with the narrowest of margins… an essential step for increasing levels of arousal.

Why’s it so hot?
The surprise, unexpected encounter. It’s an “I like you, you like me, let’s get on with it” kind of situation. Often, this experience turns out to be much more exciting in role playing situations than in real life!

The hitch hiker
You could try this out for real if you have a car and know of a calm, isolated place where your partner can pull over by the side of the road – we didn’t tell you to do that though! Just make sure you’re wearing a skirt (it’s easier to get down to business in) and it’s much more discreet.

If you haven’t got a car – take a taxi. Your boyfriend can take a taxi, “spot” you on the way and ask the cab driver to stop! Pretend you’re old acquaintances that haven’t seen each other in a while… you can’t go all the way but you can get things started.

Why’s it so hot?
In scenario 1, it’s the instantaneous sex; the promiscuity and the fact of being in a tight, enclosed space that immediately makes it feel hot. You could either play the role of the innocent hitchhiker whom the driver takes a liking for, or the horny hitchhiker who can’t keep her hands off the driver!

In scenario 2, acting like you’ve only just met up again in front of a stranger can add authenticity to your pretend affair. Snogging in the back seat will give you all the build up you need to get seriously sexy when you get home.

The teacher and the pupil
This is one of the classics. Pretend you’re in a class that gets out of hand… you’re dressed in school uniform and your man is the older, sexy teacher. It’s often very exciting because a lot of young girls start out falling for and fantasising about a teacher. But you can also reverse the roles and play the strict teacher, seduced by her young student.

Why’s it so hot?
You can learn pretty much anything in class: piano, maths, French, swimming… so why not sex?! And if you work on the assumption that “the pupil” has no sexual experience and is discovering everything for the first time, it can be even more fun!

The prisoner and the prison guard
Locked up in your cell and punished, you’re completely under the control of your partner, who’s keeping a close eye on you. Clearly, the guard’s attracted to you. In fact, he’s very attracted… Where will this attraction and this dominating/dominated relationship lead?

Why’s it so hot?
It’s all about dependency. The game can go in several directions: the prisoner seduces the guard to obtain some advantages or the prisoner lets themselves be seduced through fear of reprisal. Choose the style that suits you!

The luxury call girl and the client
You’re so sexy and such an expert in what you do that your man is willing to pay a lot to screw you! For you, anything is permitted: provocative clothing, daring techniques, dirty talk… but no kissing. Why not arrange to find him, alone, sat at the bar of a classy hotel? Act out the scenario then return home to seal the deal!

Why’s it so hot?
You’re the call girl who knows how to please, seduce, keep a man begging… and make him pay up! Not being able to kiss you will drive your lover mad with desire.

The obedient robot
One of you plays the role of the robot. As the robot, you can’t make any decisions yourself; all you can do is obey the master’s instructions. The master specifies the words that you must say or the actions you must take to provide the master with pleasure. The robot takes no initiative whatsoever, s/he simply executes orders.

Why’s it so hot?
It’s all powerful. Let all your desires come true! Or be the slave of someone you really want to give pleasure to.

Sleeping Beauty
You’re in a very deep sleep and only the very skilled Prince Charming can wake you up from it. And this time, there’s no guarantee that a simple kiss will do the trick… at least not just a kiss on the mouth. It’s a practical role playing game because Beauty is lying down on a bed, which is perfect for the events that follow. And it’s even more of a turn-on if she takes her time to react to her prince’s kisses and caresses.

Why’s it so hot?
It’s about sensuality and the man being able to stir up his partner’s desire. This theme is as old as the hills: the day that the prince arrives, her body is finally awakened.

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