10 ways for men to become an oral sex master

Oral sex is something she loves, but isn’t going to always ask for. She may be too shy to tell you how much she craves oral sex from you, but no matter how much she wants it, she’s not likely to let you know just how hot it makes her to have your mouth down here. Instead of making her beg for it, learn to be the best at it and give it to her without her ever having to ask! Here’s how to give your lover amazing oral sex and be the best she’s ever had!

Lick Slowly

Most guys lick fast when performing oral sex, assuming that a woman likes it that way because that’s what he likes when he’s getting a blowjob. Women are different though and many of them enjoy slow licking, especially at the beginning when she’s just starting to get warmed up. Lick her clitoris and labia slowly, as though you are savoring her taste and the way she feels in your mouth.

Take Her All In

Instead of focusing on just one area – such as her clitoris – when you’re going down on her, let your mouth wander all over her vagina. Don’t leave a single fold unexplored by your tongue. A lot of guys make the mistake of thinking that a woman is sensitive only in that one area, when in reality, she has sensitive nerve endings all over her vagina. Her inner and outer labia are very sensitive, as well as the skin around the entrance to her vaginal canal.

Show Enthusiasm

Just like you don’t enjoy getting oral sex from a girl who is bummed out about having to give it, a woman isn’t going to enjoy receiving it from you if she feels like you think it’s a chore. Show your woman some enthusiasm when going down on her and let her know that you really enjoy giving her pleasure this way. Don’t lean your head on one thigh and lick lazily as though you’d rather be doing something else – because she won’t be fooled for one minute.

Use Your Fingers

A woman can have an orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris alone, but you can give your partner an even more powerful orgasm by stimulating her g-spot with your fingers at the same time you’re giving her oral sex. This will either help her to have a g-spot orgasm or it will help her to have a blended orgasm – which is a clitoral and g-spot climax at the same time.

Penetrate Her With Your Tongue

Most men don’t bother using their tongue around the entrance to a woman’s vagina because why bother if he can’t stick his tongue all the way up there, but the truth is, there are hundreds of sensitive nerve endings just around the opening to her vagina. Even just slowly licking all around the entrance will have your woman grabbing the sheets with desperation, but if you slip your tongue inside, it’s likely to send her into a complete frenzy.

Lick Her Anus

Lots of women don’t like anal sex, but they may enjoy the idea of analingus in conjunction with oral sex. Often, anal sex is painful, but analingus is not and can actually be very pleasurable for a woman. If your girl is clean and you don’t have a problem with it, lightly lick her anus a few times while you’re going down on her. You don’t have to stay down there for long to have the desired effect – just a few licks will send her out of this world with pleasure!

Don’t Rush It

A huge mistake that men make during cunnilingus is rushing through it so that they can get to the main event faster. They’re more concerned with their own pleasure than hers, and a woman will be able to tell right away if you’re rushing through oral sex so you can get to your own climax. Instead, take your time and let your partner reach orgasm naturally, without feeling rushed or pressured to do so. This will make her climax much, much more powerful and keep her coming back for more!

Make Noise

Don’t lick her in such a way that you produce hardly any noise. Get sloppy! Allow your partner to hear your sucking and licking sounds, and don’t be afraid to let a moan of pleasure escape from your own lips as well. Give her the idea that you absolutely love everything about giving her oral sex by letting her hear every bit of what you’re doing to her – and how much you’re enjoying it.

Use Different Sex Positions

Don’t just stick to letting her lay on the bed while you go down on her. Try different sex positions for oral sex, such as licking her from behind or letting her sit on your face. This will add an element of variety to giving your lover a climax orally, making her want more and more. She’ll always be ready for sex if you make sure she not only gets a great orgasm from you, but also that she feels like your sex life is really wild and amazing.

Go Different Places

Break out of the bedroom and give your partner oral sex anywhere else. Move from the couch to the kitchen, then to the car and out of the house. Next time you go on a road trip, pull over and lick her clitoris right then and there. Or, next time you have dinner out together, slip underneath the long tablecloth and perform cunnilingus on her while everyone goes about their business, having no idea what is really going on. Even if you have great oral sex technique, going down on her in different places is all you need to make her think you’re the best on the planet.

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