10 ways for women to become an oral sex master.

Oral sex is something every guy craves, but a lot of girls aren’t good at it. They try to imitate what they see porn stars do in adult films, but that’s actually not the best way to give a guy a blowjob. It’s all for the cameras – but here’s the REAL way to be great at oral sex. If you follow these ten easy tips, you’ll have him begging you for more!

Go Slow At First

Yes, guys like a lot of sucking and they like it fast, but not always when you’re first starting to give him head. Instead of licking your partner’s penis like there’s no tomorrow to get his erection going, start slow and let his erection build in your mouth. Slowly suck him and roll his soft penis around in your mouth as he’s getting hard. He’ll love the feeling of having his entire penis in your mouth as he’s becoming aroused!

Learn To Deep Throat

Guys love a deep throat blowjob, but girls often don’t like to give them because taking a penis so deep into their throats make them gag or vomit. If you gag now while deep throating, you can learn to do it well with practice. Learn to breathe through your nose while you’re performing oral sex and relax your throat. Take a little bit more each time until you can deep throat your partner with ease.

Give Him A Handjob

If you can’t take him really deep into your throat, it’s not the end of the world. You can still give a great blowjob to your guy by giving him a handjob with it! Use your hand as an extension of your mouth and grasp the base of his penis while you suck on the head of it. Move your hand up and down as you move your mouth up and down, and don’t be afraid to let your saliva drip a little and function as a lube to make things go more smoothly. Gently tug on his scrotum or hold it gently to give your man even more pleasurable sensations.

Don’t Use Your Teeth

Teeth hurt during a blowjob and that’s all there is too it! Every once in awhile, a guy will enjoy teeth gently scraping against his penis, but odds are your man doesn’t want your chompers anywhere near his shaft. Keep your teeth out of his way by wrapping your lips over them while giving oral sex, so you don’t accidentally scrape or bite him during the blowjob.

Try Different Sex Positions

As opposed to letting him lie there and receive oral sex, try using some different sex positions to spice it up. Let him stand while you kneel on a pillow to give him head, or let him stand over you and lower his penis into your mouth as you’re lying down. Be creative and try all kinds of different sex positions – he’ll love how adventurous you are with just oral sex so much that he’ll be begging you for sex all the time!

Surprise Him With It

Give your man oral sex the next time he least expects it. Next time you are driving a long distance, surprise him with a blowjob in the car (which will probably lead to some amazing car sex!) or sneak off to the bathroom at a party to give him an impromptu blowjob. He will absolutely go wild over oral sex that happens anytime, anywhere!

Give Just A Blowjob

Instead of expecting sex after giving your man head, or expecting him to return the favor, give him a blowjob just for the sake of giving him a blowjob. Make sure he has an orgasm, and leave it at that! Let him know that you just wanted to go down on him – because you enjoy it so much. He’ll be thrilled that you like to give him head just because. Don’t be surprised if he asks for a blowjob next time “just because” he wants one!

Be Enthusiastic And Make Noise

No guy wants quiet oral sex, nor does he want to feel like giving him head is a chore for you and that you don’t enjoy it. Instead, show some enthusiasm while you’re giving him fellatio and let him know how much you enjoy it by giving him a moan or groan here and there. He’ll also love hearing the wet sucking noises, so make sure there are plenty of those too!

Give Him A Show

Men are essentially visual creatures and even though a blowjob will feel great if he can’t see what is going on, he’ll like it much better if he can. If you’re lying in the bed, prop his head up on a few pillows so he can look down and see what you’re doing. Better yet, have him sit on the couch or in a chair and kneel while you do it, giving him a full visual. Make sure to make eye contact with him every now and then while you’re sucking on him – it will drive him absolutely insane!

Let Him Grab Your Head

Most women don’t like it when a man grabs their head during oral sex, and for good reason. It can be uncomfortable, especially if he grabs your hair, and it can make you gag or vomit if he pushes your head too far down on his penis. However, men really enjoy this so if you have a partner you trust completely, try this the next time you give your partner head. He will love the way it feels to be in control like that, but make sure you both communicate about a sound or gesture that means “stop.” If this is going to work, he’s going to need to stop immediately if you give him the signal.

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  1. Cumcum says:

    Great tips for a novice .

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