Office chair

Sitting in my office chair,
rocking back and forth.
Her legs are wrapped around me;
we’re giving it all we’re worth.

My cock buried deep within her
feels her juices running hot.
I ask if she’s ready for me to cum,
between gasps she says, “I’m not.”

As I start to ease out,
I hesitate, then slowly slide back in.
She hates it when I tease her, although,
through clinched teeth, I see her grin.

Then raising slowly to her feet, turning,
she bends forward accepting a new task.
Her grin leaving the enjoyment question
in little need of being asked.

Her smooth, rosy cheeks
squeezing tightly around my dick,
grinding up and down
has it throbbing and thick!

“Oh baby, you’ve turned me on so much,
I’ve used up all the slack!”
And in mighty climatic spurts,
my sticky honey sprays ‘cross her back.

She clinches tightly
and with a helping hand,
she squeezes until my juices
have covered her hinterland.

Reaching between her legs
I find her soaking wet,
but I know she’s just warming up,
nowhere near close enough yet.

Soaking my fingers in her juices,
sliding between her shaved lips,
I sink one deep inside her
while another circles her throbbing clit.

Her hips start to sway,
I hear her deep moans
as she pushes tightly into me
chanting, “cum on! cum on!”

With my face I part her thighs,
whispering, “want me to go slow?”
Then bury my tongue in her
as deep as it will go.

Her whole body shudders
giving in to her erotic fit,
rising again and again to meet me
as I furiously work her slit.

Her increasing moans of pleasure
have made me hard again.
Is it possible that she’s wetter
than she’s ever been…

Cumming, she pinches her harden nipples,
as her fiery, sweet juices flow nonstop.
Quickly filling my hungry mouth;
as I try not to miss a single drop.

Spilling over my cheeks,
flowing down my neck,
I am in ecstasy;
awash in her sex.

As the currents run strong
our passions flow non-stop,
scattering to the four corners
everything on my desk top.

Happily exhausted
I fall back into my chair.
My newly, throbbing hard-on
jutting firmly into the air.

Then like a master magician,
she gives a deft flip of her hair,
as through her parted red lips
my erection slowly disappears.

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