A guide for men to enhance their orgasm.

An orgasm for men – when they’re by themselves – is often just a “get it done” kind of thing. Guys are used to masturbating quickly, usually because they either grew up afraid to get caught or are still afraid to get caught – and for many guys, it’s a combination of both. Masturbation is a healthy part of any man’s sex life, so here’s how you can make your masturbation sessions so much more satisfying.

Use Lube During Masturbation

As much as this sounds like common sense, there are actually a lot of guys who just don’t use lube during masturbation. They often use nothing, or they’ll use some kind of lotion or petroleum jelly. These just aren’t suitable for masturbation. They dry out too quickly and can cause allergic reactions and rashes on the sensitive skin of the penis. Lube is specifically developed to be used during sex (and this includes when you go solo) so it feels better and will help give you an incredible orgasm.

Water based lube is always a good choice, but silicone based lube is also effective for masturbation because it’s thicker and it lasts longer. Lube is cheap and is available almost anywhere, including your local supermarket or drugstore. Many lubes are now created with special ingredients to either warm the penis or prolong an erection. Experiment with different lubes until you find the one that is best for you!

Consider Using Male Sex Toys

A lot of guys assume that sex toys are just for women to use – but there are actually a lot of fun toys for guys to use too! Masturbation sleeves can make a huge difference in how great your orgasm is. When used with lube, the simple silicone sleeve can make masturbation (and even a handjob from your lady) feel absolutely divine. Many masturbation sleeves come with ribbed or studded interiors, making the experience that much more pleasurable!

There are other males sex toys, including cock rings (which trap the blood inside the penis after an erection and make it last longer and stay harder) as well as butt plugs and prostate massagers. Next time you make a trip to the adult toy store – or if you’re browsing online – take a look and see what they have to offer for you – not just your woman!

Don’t Rush It

Since most guys grew up with the fear of getting caught spanking the monkey, they view masturbation as a “get it done quick” ritual. In fact, most men only need minutes to achieve orgasm when they’re stroking themselves. While an orgasm during a quickie masturbation session is certainly satisfactory, it definitely isn’t what you would consider “amazing” or even “okay.” It simply does the job.

If you want to make your orgasm better, take your time. Plan to masturbate during a time where you are home alone for significant period of time. Lock the doors, close the curtains and take a few deep breaths. Look at some erotica to start getting yourself aroused and then take your time with it. Don’t rush it – if you get close to orgasm, stop stimulating yourself. Pick it back up again after you’ve backed away from the brink of climax a little bit. Once you do this several times, you finally won’t be able to help going over the edge – but by this time, your pleasure will be so built up that the final release is nothing short of incredible.

Watch Porn – Good Porn

Porn is something almost every guy watches, and if he says he doesn’t, there’s an excellent chance that he’s lying. There’s nothing wrong with watching porn – men are visual creatures and have a difficult time becoming aroused and reaching orgasm if there isn’t any visual stimulation. So it makes sense that men watch adult movies when getting off, but surprisingly, a lot of men aren’t watching what really turns them on. Why?

Price could be a factor. DVD’s and subscriptions to adult websites can be expensive. Also, a guy may have a secret fetish that he’s just not willing to admit he has (even to himself) so he just makes do with whatever free porn he can find on the  Internet. If you’re not watching the porn you really want to be watching, just get what you want and get on with it. Even if it means shelling out a few extra bucks. The increase in the pleasure of your orgasm will be well worth it.

Try Prostate Massage

If you’re really freaked out by the idea of anal play (on yourself), then skip this part entirely. But if the idea intrigues you and you just haven’t had the balls to do it yet, read on. The prostate is often considered the male “g-spot” and can provide a man with intense pleasure when it is simulated, especially in conjunction with sexual activity. Some men have experienced prostate massage with their partners, but have never tried it on themselves during masturbation.

If you’re open to the idea, purchase a small butt plug to start. You can also use a finger on the hand that you’re not using to stroke your penis. Make sure you have lots of good lube on hand, because anal play can really hurt without proper lubrication. To find your prostate on yourself, you will need to use the “come hither” motion (if you’re using your fingers) and move toward your stomach. This usually involves reaching down in between your legs rather than trying to reach around from behind. Go slow and work your way up in size if you’re using sex toys. Remember that if it ever hurts, stop! However, with practice, prostate massage can give you the kind of orgasms you never dreamed you’d have.

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