Night dance of two lovers – Pt. 1

Her eyes tell him that she saved herself for him. That her body is for him only. With whispers she lets him know how much she wants him. He smiles seductively and grabs her wrist in his hand, bringing it to his lips. Ever so softly he caresses it with a deliberate delicacy that sends tickles of pleasure throughout her body. His tongue contours along the sensual curves of her arm, tracing a path of ecstasy that causes her breasts to heave, nipples to become erect.

Her breath becomes heavy with every flick of his warm tongue. Grabbing his hair, she pulls him from her wrist and forces him to look into her eyes, glazed over with desire. “I want you here”, she says, with a soft but forceful whisper, as she tugs at his hair to guide his mouth to her breast. His tongue streaks back and forth along her body’s midline, descending into her warm place.

As he reaches her heaving chest, her breast glances across his cheek. Using his tongue on her erect nipples he laps up the droplets of sweat on her hot moist skin. His hands grab her waist and he pulls her close, teasing her nipples with his lips. His tongue is expert. She leans away, arching her back with each shiver of pleasure his flicks cause. Every drag obliges her craving. She is so consumed with passion that she uses her other hand to pinch her nipple and squeeze her breast firmly.

She can’t resist any longer. Her panties were so wet, practically transparent. She moves her hand slowly down the surface of her slick body, closer to her spot. He grabs it and guides it down as she slips her fingers into her sheath and moans with delight. As she pleases herself, he stares into her eyes. Her back rests against the bed and she lets him watch. He enjoys every second in slow motion, stroking his phallus as he looks on with lustful eyes.

He becomes breathless and sighs with desire, wanting to feel himself inside of her. But she won’t let him. Not yet. He reaches between her legs, unable to contain himself. Wanting to please her and lick her wound. She pushes him away, forcing him to watch longer. As he strokes himself, he sees her hand move inside her panties. She slips them off, teasing him at the sight of her naked wet slit that drips onto the silk bed sheets as she resumes her pleasure. He watches her fingers as they penetrate, teeming with glossy seduction. He hears the soft sounds they make while they move in and out of her hole, caused him to squirm and crave her all the more. She wants to make him beg before giving herself to him. And he does. With his tongue he licks his moist lips in anticipation as he watches. His shaft hardens under his grip as he gently strokes it. Wanting her. Needing her.

Patiently, he watches and waits. She stops, and in a pure seductive voice says, “Come here”. She wants to feel his tongue inside of her, so she lowers him closer to her warm place, now seething wet with pleasure. He lets himself be led by her. He likes it. She sits on the end of the bed, dripping for his touch, and moves forward to meet his lips to hers. His breath against her skin intensifies her pleasure, as his tongue glides across her body to her lips. They lock with a passion so intense that all reality is lost in the moment of their kiss.

Their bodies press against each other as he picks her up by her ass and holds her in the air. He’s consumed by the touch of their wet bodies glued together in a lustful embrace. She wraps her legs around his waist as he rubs his hard shaft against her drenched skin. She senses how big he is and how much he wants to fuck her. Holding her tightly against him, he carries her to the wall and presses her back gently against it, still keeping her suspended in the air. He holds her there and makes love to her body with his lips, drinking her sweat. Never breaking their kiss, she moans with delight as he teases her with his tip.

As he holds her aloft, he reaches down with one hand and fingers her spot, pressing deep inside. She tightens her thighs in excitement and he removes his hand to let her taste his fingers, sopping with her sweetness. She licks them expertly, wanting to please him. Releasing her grip around him with her thighs, she stands. Looking into his eyes, their bodies pressed together. She slides gracefully lower against the wall, making sure her fingers run down his sides. She knows this makes him shiver and she enjoys his reaction. Her eyes fill with greed now as she traces the contours of his inner thighs with her moist lips.

“I want you to taste me,” he whispers. She responds eagerly by sliding the tip of her tongue over his head. He can barely contain himself as she slowly envelopes his shaft within her mouth. Inside of her he feels so warm and silky. In circling motions with her tongue, she pulls him closer, allowing him to sink deeper. He speaks to her in soft whispers, telling her that he loves what she is doing to him, and not to stop. She will do anything he wants, and adores watching him as he gives into her. His heavy breathing so seductive.

Sighing in enraptured pleasure from her touch as she brings him to heaven with her lips, he smiles. He feels high on her scent and sweat, with no sign of descending back to earth. The heat of the moment seems an eternity as she does amazing things to him with her lips and hands. Practically driving him wild with her systematic strokes. She loves to taste him in her mouth. As she performs, he arches his back forward just enough to reach down and fondle her supple breasts.

He begins slowly guiding her eager body to the edge of the bed as she continues pleasing him. Their clothes lay in heaps on the floor at the bedside, covered with the stench of sex. As he sits down on the mattress at the foot of the bed, he guides her to him and begs her to continue. He rubs her neck and shoulders to relax her, and runs his fingers down her back. She brings him to the edge of climax with her tongue. He knows how much she wants to be fucked because her pace is quicker, her grip tighter. But he wouldn’t, not yet.

He stops her and gently grabs her chin, raising it up. “I want to please you now,” he says, as their eyes meet. She stares at him, wearing a mischievous grin, and licks her lips. He helps her onto the bed and lets her straddle him with her hips positioned directly over his mouth, her legs resting on either side of his head. She hungers to feel him lapping her up as she rides him. He caresses her sweaty body as she jerks back and forth across his face, loosing herself in the pleasure.

Moaning with desire, she wants him more than ever now. He whispers “Not yet”, as he notices the increase in sexual tension coming from her body while he pleases her. She turns around on top of him so that she can watch his lips and tongue work on her. As he drinks her passion, she grinds his mouth and deepens her pressure. Reaching up, he cups her breasts in his hands. Intense pangs of pleasure coursed through her body, sending tingles all over. At that moment, life is bliss and he wishes that it would never end because he loves to please her and feel her squirm with excitation.

She leans backwards and looked down at him with lust. His eyes lock onto hers and they smiled at each other with wanton glances. She is close to cumming, as she’ll be lost in waves of passion at any second. His tongue quickens its swirling pace and his mouth quenches its thirst for her completely. His determined strokes send her into orgasmic convulsions, uncontainable. She moans loudly and bites her lip as her knees and hips buckle under the intensity. She releases herself to the feeling now coursing all throughout her body. While gasping for breath she speaks his name.

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