Night dance of two lovers – Pt. 2

He continues to please her as she climaxes, wanting the intense feelings to last as long as possible. Her breasts move up and down quickly, as she is brought to her limit. After a few moments, when her feelings subside, she thinks to herself, “Now it is his turn.” He lays her on her back. The bed sheets feel damp against her body. She looks up at him with wanting eyes. He asks her if that felt good. “Yes”, she responds, and licks her lips.

He turns her over onto her stomach and she offers herself to him from behind. Her wet slit is pink and it drips with wetness from the pleasure she just received. He responds to her invitation by grabbing her waist and pulling her to him. Stroking her lips with his hand, he feels for her spot. Taking hold of his shaft, he inserts its tip into her wound with a slow and deliberate motion. So sensitive she is still, that the moment he touches her there, everything tightens.

He slips gently inside her, but as he tries to push further, he is met with resistance. She’s so tight and he knows that he must move slower. He sinks his shaft deeper into her, bit by bit, until it is fully inside. Each thrust is gentle and delicate. He kisses her back and licks off her sweat as he slowly fucks her. His hands grab tightly around her waist and caress her stomach. She pushes back impatiently, wanting to feel all of him inside her.

Slowly he pulls out to tease her. She looks back at him, her eyes begging for more. “Please”, she says softly, and lays on her back, opening herself up to him. With gentle force against her knees, he throws open her legs and lifts them over his shoulders as he inches closer. Positioning himself in front of her, he sinks deep inside with one thorough motion. They both moan with intensity and raw pleasure.

As his thrusts quicken, he leans down, presses against her breasts and teases her neck with his tongue, sending her into fits of lust. He feels her around his shaft, so tight. Her intense pleasure grips him and sends electric waves throughout his body, causing him to become even harder. It feels so good to fuck her.

He is intimately aware of her every move, her every breath. All of their humanity is lost to animalistic thrusts as he buries his mast deep inside her. Beads of sweat drip from his body onto hers, and the bed creaks with their movements. She writhes under his control, gripping his ass. He asks if she wants it harder, and she answers by ramming herself against him, over and over. She craves to be fucked harder than ever before. Between each of her broken gasps, she begs him to make her cum.

He puts all that he has into his thrusts. Reaching for her throat, he encircles it with his left hand. His fingers press against her sweaty skin as he chokes her gently. She can do nothing but enjoy the feel of him inside her, pounding and thrusting. She wants to make him cum, and to sense his sweet juices inside of her.

His shaft feels so good in her warm place, gliding in smooth quick stokes. She likes the feel of him pulsing inside as he slows his pace but deepens his strokes. His every thrust is pleasure of the utmost intensity. He fingers her flower and lets her sample the pleasure on his tips. She loves the taste of her sex, so sweet.

She motions for him to lie on his back, and he obliges. She wants to take control and make him explode inside her. Panting, he lets her mount him. She inches her wad down his shaft with gentle care. Her warm juices spill out onto his body as she lowers herself further. She pushes down with one final hard thrust and he loses himself to pleasure’s grip.

She slides herself free of him so that only his erect head is inside of her. It is her turn to tease him, and he loves it. She lingers, searching his eyes with hers. Delving deep into his soul, she makes love to his thoughts. It feels so good to have her in control, but he is desperate for more of her. For all of her. He pinches her nipples and watches her jerk up and down. He is consumed by her, more than ever, but submits to her control.

She sinks back onto him, the full force of his hard shaft slamming into her with slippery passionate thrusts. She crams every last bit of him into her slit with a steady rhythm. She looks down at him and touches her lips to his, as they embrace with an undying passion. He grabs her wet round ass in his hands and spanks it. She smiles because she likes it, and knows that she is close climax.

He keeps his hands clenched to her ass and helps to guide her body vertically as she quickens her thrusts. Their hips move in unison and their sweat melts together in a bath of hot lustful sex that neither of them experienced before. He drinks every last drop of her wetness and loves her flavor.

His view of her as she rides him, is epic. Her breasts heave and he clutches them gently in his palms, caressing her taught nipples between his slick fingers. He watches her stomach rise and fall as she breaths and stretches her torso. He notices how smooth her skin looks as it glistens in the dim light. She rides him into another place of ecstasy.

He enjoys watching her fuck him while lying there submissively. She loves that he looks on with lustful eyes as she work. He enjoys the feeling of being dominated by her and gives himself to her completely. He watches as his shaft disappeared into her wound and reappear seconds later, then nearly cums at the view of it sinking deep into her. He continues to watch her work in tantalizingly smooth strokes.

She picks up a little speed, as she knows that he is close. He tries to sit up and suck her breast, grabbing her back and pulling himself up as she rides him. At his advance, she leans backwards, arching her spine and using her thighs against his waist to hold her in position. He glides in and out of her in long smooth strokes. Their bodies crash together without slowing, fully wet and craving orgasm.

Nothing exists except them, as they perform their lustful passionate dance. All else is black. Only they are alive in the world tonight. Only their love making matters now. She wants him to feel things he’s never felt before. He has, and he knows that it has never been this good with anyone but her.

He grabs her head as she continues to ride him wildly, and kissed her. She holds him so close while kissing and nibbling his neck as they reach climax together. He hugs her hot, wet body to his. She feels him pulsing inside her, and he feels her flower pounding against his shaft. She whispers in his ear, “Cum inside me. I want to feel your release.”

She wants all of him inside her. Every last bit. And she isn’t going to stop until she gets her wish. At this, their intensity peaks. He loses all control as bliss ensues. She moans loudly while he cums. All is white hot. His convulsions inside of her ignite intense feelings throughout her body, and she writhes with electric passion. He explodes in her fully, with a complete release. She rakes her nails across his back as he flows within her. He loves the pain and pleasure acting in concert.

She adores him. He is lifted. He kisses her stomach and hugs her to him as he finished. With a sigh he whispers, “I love your body, your sex. I love you, and I am lost in you.” She smiles as he says this, and replies, “I love you too”, and kisses him deeply.

As they rest, her head on his chest, they feel like one being. They melt together with finality so passionate that it brings them both to tears. What they just shared was magical. Until tonight they had not lived.

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