10 must have items for female masturbation.

Female masturbation is something every woman does – but do you have the right equipment? Don’t use your hands – here’s ten things no woman wants to be without.


Many girls don’t believe they need lube during masturbation, especially if they’re just using a clitoral vibrator. While this is true to an extent , lube can make things feel a lot better no matter what kind of sex toy you’re using, or even if you’re just using your hands. Dab a bit of lube on to your favorite clitoral vibrator and move it around a bit – you’ll be surprised at how good it feels when combined with the vibrations? The We-Vibe Touch is an excellent toy for this, because with a little lube on the tip, it can feel almost like a real tongue!

My Recommendation:

A good, water based lube, like KY Jelly, is going to be your best bet. Water based lube is compatible with all condoms and sex toys, so you don’t have to worry about degrading your toys with a lube that isn’t compatible, such as silicone lube with silicone sex toys. Water based lube is inexpensive, comes in lots of varieties including flavored, cooling, tingling and warming.


When you think of female masturbation, condoms don’t usually come to mind right away, because you’re not trying to protect yourself from getting pregnant or contracting an STD. However, condoms can really benefit you during masturbation. When using a condom with an insertable sex toy, you can often skip the extensive clean up afterwards and just slip the condom off and throw it in the trash. Using condoms with your sex toys can keep them looking and feeling like new for longer.

Also, many sex toys are made with phthalates – a dangerous chemical used to soften jelly or rubber products. Phthalates have been shown to contribute to cervical cancer and other problems. If you use a condom with a sex toy that you suspect or know contains phthalates, you’re protecting yourself from coming into contact with these dangerous toxins.

My Recommendation:

Any! When you’re using condoms with your sex toys, the idea is to keep them clean and safe – especially if any of your toys contain phthalates. So don’t worry about the brand – get something colorful or something that smells great like chocolate or strawberry!

A G-Spot Vibrator

Every girl needs a g-spot vibrator, especially if she’s never discovered her g-spot. Don’t expect your guy to find it either until you’ve found it first – he’ll probably need you to show him the way and if not, you’ll at least need to know what it feels like first so you can let him know that he’s hit the jackpot.

My Recommendation:

The Lelo Elise. This vibrator is made with a soft, silky feeling exterior and is curved at exactly the right angle to reach the g-spot easily and quickly. The hard surface  is perfect to help a woman squirt during her orgasm, because soft jellies and products with more “give” just aren’t going cut it if you want a sheet soaking, rock-your-world orgasm.

A Clitoral Vibrator

A clitoral vibrator is also something every woman needs and there are a great deal of g-spot vibrators out there that also have clitoris attachments. However, a clitoral vibrator by itself can provide a lot of pleasure, especially for girls who have never experimented with sex toys before or girls who are virgins and don’t want to use insertable sex toys.

My Recommendation:

The We-Vibe Touch. This is definitely a must have for any woman’s toy box. It’s small and fits perfectly into a woman’s hand. It’s designed with special curves that fit directly over the clitoris, but you can also use the pointed tip of the toy as a “tongue” when you explore your body. This one is a lot of fun!

A Waterproof Vibrator

Lots of ladies like to masturbate in the shower and there’s a reason why – it’s private, the shower sounds drown out any shouts of pleasure that may escape and the warm water helps get a woman relaxed enough to reach orgasm. All in all, the shower really is a great place for female masturbation! With this in mind, you want to make sure you have a great waterproof vibrator on hand for those times you want to slip in the shower and satisfy yourself before work or after a long hard day on the job.

My Recommendation:

Again, the We-Vibe Touch because it’s also waterproof! If you’re looking for a insertable vibrator that is waterproof, try the Jack Rabbit (a rabbit style vibrator with both a g-spot and clitoris vibrator) or the Lelo Elise. Both of these a great options when it comes to stimulating your g-spot in the shower.

A Travel Vibrator

Sometimes, a woman needs to let go while she’s on the road. Perhaps your dinner date is so smoking hot that you can’t help but go to the bathroom and polish one off before dessert – or maybe you’re a woman on the go who takes business trips and spends many a night in a hotel room alone. Either way, a travel vibe is something that you really don’t want to leave home without on those days where you know you’ll need to relax a little but aren’t sure when and where you’re going to be able to do it.

Travel vibrators are also a great option when you fly, because most of them are discreet enough that even if they dump your bag out on the conveyer belt at the airport, nobody will know what it is!

My Recommendation:

The Lelo Mia. This little vibrator is a perfect “purse” sized vibrator and looks like a tube of lipstick when it is closed. Open it up and you’ll find that this vibrator charges using a USB port – which you can leave plugged into your laptop or desktop anywhere (even at work) and no one will have a clue that it’s not a jump drive!

A Small Butt Plug

If you’re into anal sex – or have never tried anal stimulation before and want to – a small butt plug is something you’re going to want to have stored in your sex toy drawer. While anal stimulation isn’t something that girls often think about during female masturbation, a little anal play can really change things up and intensify your orgasm. Think about it – many girls enjoy anal play with their partners during sex or oral sex, but it’s not something they do when they’re flying solo. Why not? Next time you shut and lock your doors for some private time, try slipping in a small butt plug before you get started and see what happens!

My Recommendation:

The Basix Rubber Works Mini Butt Plug. This small, slim butt plug is only 1.5” wide and 4” long, making it perfect for beginners or for ladies who just want a little bit of extra stimulation while they masturbate. Imagine the intensity of your orgasms when you combine anal stimulation with clitoral and g-spot pleasure!

An Erotic Novel Or Magazine

Most guys masturbate to porn – that’s a given. They’re visual creatures who are sexually aroused by visual stimuli – while girls are sexually aroused by mental stimuli. Anything that gets a woman’s imagination going is a great female masturbation companion, but a large majority of ladies don’t actually use anything during masturbation other than their imaginations.

Next time you’re browsing through an adult toy store, check out the erotic novel section. Find a novel or a magazine (one with lots of stories) that entices you and take it home with you. Next time you’re ready to masturbate, read a few paragraphs first and allow your mind and body to really get worked up. Your orgasm will be more intense and an even greater release.

My Recommendation:

Anything that turns you on! There are tons of erotic novels in adult toy stores, and there are also some great resources online that are free. Browse around and find something that really gets you hot!

Something Comfortable To Wear

You don’t want to try to masturbate in your work clothes – it’s just not going to allow your mind to let go of your inhibitions and really get into it. So slip off whatever you wore that day and get into something comfortable – whether it’s your favorite lingerie or even just a comfortable camisole that you love. You can even go nude! Whatever you choose to wear, make sure it’s comfortable and allows you to completely relax and focus on your pleasure.

My Recommendation:

A soft cotton nightie that is lightweight and breathable – and washable!

Your Favorite Relaxation Techniques

Ladies usually come home from work with their minds all wrapped up in their to do lists, dinner plans or taking the kids to practices, etc. The fact is, if a woman isn’t relaxed and she hasn’t purged the daily “crap” from her mind before female masturbation, she isn’t going to get anywhere. It’s like spinning your tires in the mud. Take a few minutes before your masturbation session to relax and put the thoughts and the feelings of the day completely away.

My Recommendation:

A hot bath and a glass of wine (if you’re of age) does wonders to get your body relaxed before masturbation. Do whatever it is you need to do to get rid of the day’s stresses and focus on yourself and your pleasure.

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