The tease of a woman.

I want to show you the power that I have
You belong to me tonight
I want to make you beg for it
Your strong essesnce has always made me melt
A man like you only has to look at a woman to tell her what he wants
I find that attractive but iNeed to turn the tables
So Tonight you act only under my command

Stepping out of the shower
Water trickling down your gorgeous abbs
Walking into the bedroom your sight has been captured
By the beauty that stands before you
Staring at you in my black lingerie
I look down and spot a bulge in your towel
I have you right where I want you
I tell you to sit in a chair in the middle of the room facing the bed
Legs spread, I stand in front of you with my middle in your face
You try to touch but I tell you no and push away your hand
You Look confused but this is a game of patience

I sit down on your lap and began to grind
Your manhood becomes stiff and erect
I kiss on your neck and your soft lips making you want me
Nibbling on your ear and whispering dirty things in your ear turns you on
I unhook my bra and play with my nipples while biting my lips
I slowly take off my panties and give them to you
You smell them and sigh, you want to taste me
I turn around in your lap with my back against your chest and spread my legs
I slide my hand  down onto my clit massaging it slowly
In the middle of my pleasure iHear you whisper “please baby”
I Take your hand onto my clit to give you the satisfaction of pleasing me
While you’re massaging me I reach under the chair and grab my toy
I enter it inside my vagina while twirling my hips around
I Moan sowftly and grab your shoulder with one hand
You’re just sitting wishing you were inside me
I stand up and bend over you, ass up
I insert my toy into my ass and you say “Baby iCant Take this”
Ignoring you I continue to please myself
All the screams and the sight in front of you makes you more horny
I put my toy back and grab your head towards my pussy
You instantly start to lick, sucking on my clit
You stick your tongue inside making me even wetter
I start to cum and you squeeze my ass, pulling me into you to keep my balance
I love your sweet tongue against my lips
I pull away and walk over to the bed
I’m on my hands and knees at the end of the bed
Facing you,  I motion for you to come over
You Walk over and i unwrap your towel
I Take your beautiful member into my hands
My tongue teasing the head of your cock
You moan in relief
I take all of you into my mouth making you shiver
Sucking on your balls.. I gave you everything you wanted
You hold my head in place while going up and down
I can feel your dick pulsating in my hands
You say thats enough but I wont stop until you cum
You try not squirm by clinching your fist, then you let go
I Lay on my back and you kiss up my legs
You enter 4 fingers inside me and with your thumb you massage my clit
You’re going in and out slow but hard
My juices flowing out like a waterfall
You send me into a orgasmic seizure
My legs are shaking and your kissing my neck and lips calming me down
I grab for your dick and you gladly give it to me
You insert your dick hungrily and went to work
You’ve waited long enough for me
You came with hard long and deep thrusts
Giving me all you, with your balls smacking my ass
I feel you deep inside me
The headboard knocking against the wall
Both you and I moaning together
You stick your tongue down my throat
We start to reach the ultimate high
I left scratches on your back
I start to explode, and you leave your warm semen inside of me
We lay together with heavy gasps, our chests rising and falling
Tonight was incredible
Teasing you adds to the excitement and makes the sex even better.

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