Top 5 Wild & Wet Sexual Positions.

The sex positions you can get into in the bedroom will only take you so far when it comes to trying new things. A lot of sex positions can end up being very awkward, especially if you and your partner aren’t extremely flexible or don’t have the right kind of furniture to help you out. However, you can spice things up by bringing in the element of water. Not only is having sex in the water extremely hot, it can help you get into sex positions that you never could before!

Sitting On The Edge Of The Pool

This one is easy and probably a little cliche, however, there’s a reason it’s so popular. Sometimes it can be difficult to get into sitting sex positions in the bedroom (or even out of the bedroom). The pool adds the sexy, sultry element of water to your sexual escapades, but it’s really the ledge of the pool that gives you the advantage here. The female partner sits on the edge of the pool – usually on the shallow end – while her partner stands at an area in the pool that allows his groin to meet up with hers. After your hot-sex-a-thon on the side, you can slide into the pool and cool off!

Up Against The Wall Of The Pool (Or On The Ladder)

Standing sex positions are even more difficult to do in the home than sitting ones, so if you really want to get into a standing position, the pool is really going to be an asset for you. Find an area of the pool where you can stand up, but the water should be high waist or chest level on the male partner. Use the wall of the pool for support – or the pool ladder to help you, but the key here is that the water will help make the female partner feel lighter and easier to lift up and onto the man’s penis. Underwater, the woman will feel fairly weightless, allowing both partners more movement and freedom in the standing sex positions.

Missionary Position In The Jacuzzi

Sure, the missionary position may be played out, but if you hop in the Jacuzzi first, the hot, bubbling water will turn it into a completely amazing experience. This is a great way to try the missionary position if you love doing it that way, but you’re tired of the same old, same old. Find one of the places in the Jacuzzi that is contoured and designed for a person to lie down in the tub but not be completely covered in water – these are usually on the sides of the Jacuzzi. Either partner can lie down – have the man lie down if you want to do girl on top. You’ll love the feel of the hot, steamy water around you and your partner as you get it on!

Doggy Style In The Shower

Often, the shower is the most convenient place to have sex in the water, because if you don’t have access to a private pool or Jacuzzi, you can forget those unless you want to get busted in the pool of a hotel! Shower sex can be lots of fun if you have a big enough shower or tub, but a lot of people don’t. Doggy style, however, is the best sex position to use in the shower if you don’t have a lot of room. Turn the shower on so you can feel the hot water running over your bodies, and get it on! You can vary the angle of penetration by having the woman put her hands up on the ledge of the tub instead of the bottom.

Scissor Position In The Tub

If you have a longer tub, you can use the scissor sex position as well. Have the woman lie on her side in the tub and raise on leg as high as she can. Then, the man will straddle the leg that is resting on the bottom of the tub and start penetration sideways. Her leg can comfortably rest on his shoulder if she’s flexible enough. You probably want to do this with the woman’s head facing away from the faucet, or she might bang her head into it and get quite the shiner! Run the water for a few minutes if you want a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the tub to splash around in, or turn the shower on to feel like you’re doing it in the rain!

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