My woman…my lover….my soul-mate.

I watch her from across the hotel lobby
Her back to me as she looks upon the bright sky
Listening to the gentle rustling of the decorative trees

Her silhouette captured in time
as the chandelier casts its light
upon her silken skin

I take in every beautiful curve
her amazing flowing hair
strands of black float among the cool breeze
Slowly I walk up behind her, gently caressing her back

Placing my arms around her thin waist
I take in the smell of sweetness that is my love

Leaning back into me, she breathes a sigh of happiness
She whispers softly, “I missed you baby”
A tiny tear runs on her cheek as I turn her to me

I brushed my finger beneath her eyes, as if to say no more tears
Our love has been tested through silhouetted years

With her hand in mine
we make our way into the familiar lift, taken many a times before
entering the bedroom with its familiar décor

to once again become one entwined with our bodies

I undress her with my mind and my heart
Perfect body glows from the warm glow of the table lamps
I bask in her beauty as I guide her to bed
that is her queenly throne

Place her down upon satin sheets
I begin to caress her soft smooth skin
kissing her neck making my way down to her breasts
heavenly nipples…oh so sweet

Slowly she guides me further down still
lightly kissing her tummy, probing her belly button with my tongue
I hear a soft gasp as I make my way between her thighs spread open

My hands know every inch of her
from the top of her head to bottoms of her soles
The scent of this sensuous beauty intoxicates me
I breath her in, taking in her exotic aroma

Spreading her legs further, I begin to lick and kiss a hidden treasure
I feel her hand upon mine gently pulling it to her lips
she licks my fingers before I slip them in
she is so wet that I was pleasantly surprised
impatient I have become, wanting to taste her
she pulls me down hard on her lush velvet pussy

My tongue swirls and twirls
around her clitoris playground

My tongue darting deep into her
Sweet nectar and honey with the smell of ambrosia
to my sheer delight,
I drink her in to the point of no end
no woman ever lay before me so sensuous

Her moans and her pants
beating together with mine

To take the reins of pleasure
with touch of unbridled love
She pulls my hair with a lustful tug
for me to lick her honey inner zest once more
She begs for my familiar lips to lick them dry

To taste thereof Heaven’s scent

suddenly she moves to spin me around
She begins to lick and kiss working her way down
from neck to mouth then below to my awaiting nipples
finally making it to my belly button, making me quiver

I moan with pleasure as she reaches between my thighs
exploring with her tongue, licking the length of my shaft
The warmth of her mouth so inviting on my cockhead
Her teeth, her lips, her tongue combined incessantly
coming together as one
Leaving me paralyzed with pleasure

She ran slick from the lascivious cream in her lips
and skin wet like rain
She’s turned on like the light in my mind
her face an avalanche of pearl of ruby wine
I kissed her viciously, wickedly
seeking sweet honey with no holds barred

With Her scent on my breath and mine on her’s
My lips parted once again as we kissed and I tasted her as she did me

Having breathed in my woman
there is nothing as far narcotic as this
Hearts pounding loud and racing
Heaven out of focus under quicksilver clouds
We made love romantically passionately

A sin ridden tongue
never were those gates of pearl so rubbed to their bust
I lust for the musky scent of honey sweat and wine
Taste her pussy divine
her fingers eclipsing lips of love so pure.

Unbridled kiss when I found thee wanting my shaft inside
as she moaned and whispered my name
as I slipped inside from the wetness she can’t hide.
As I glide to the tune of shallow breath pants.

Slowly and rhythmically we grind and ride
the tide like the mist of the sea.
Dark liquored colored eyes stared into mine
as we move in the motion her hips sway
I place hand upon her breast and cup with a gentle squeeze
as the length of throbbing manhood enter her once again
she meets each thrust groaning
with pure ecstacy
as I switch back and forth
from fast and hard to slow and deep

Erotic, laden fantasies amid this warm Autumn night
But poised nectar within my stirs
my fingertips mixing the cream.
Kissing by lips
I cherish most to expend
my lust drenched in honey

She flows onto the satin sheets her aroma fills the room, she smells so sweet

I love it when she comes for me
of mist and mouth and the hunger inside

Rouge honey filmed lips procure the wish still warmed by the essence afterglow

Orgasm so sweet that we have both been spent

My heart is thine thy fragrant words warm within like wine
I know your scent by candlelight
our souls entwined like vein upon vein
Through the sea of foreplay lovers bite

She a rose tempted to lay gasping at rafters
flesh pressed in ballet
Sent lusts nova as the lunar stars kissed
the sky desire in violet overture
In a crescent whim of crushed roses on the floor

For from her alone my lips would have known to the depths of her
That whisper of delight for she is my angel tonight to taste the immaculate sin

For our souls have crossed oceans of time
to clasp one another more tightly
I gaze at her and savor her scent
As I silently step out of myself

Thinking to myself, thanking God for my woman, my lover
I love her so much she is the flow to my tide
She is my equal and shall always be by my side

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