To his and to hers..

His:Every move she made seemed to make me hungrier for her. The silk against her skin under the tight skirt looked amazing. During slow dancing we nibbled at each others lips. My hands seemed to flow up and down her sides, thumbs brushing the sides of her breasts then down to cup her ass. With just a look we decided it was time to go to my room. I lit candles and turned on music. Rose peddles were placed in advance leading her to my love nest. I gasped when I eyed her ass in the tight skirt. I approached her as she bent over to remove her shoes. I came up behind her and ran my hands around to cup her ass as I slid one hand to feel her wetness, noticing how inviting her pussy felt. I could feel myself pressing neatly into the crack of her ass. I nuzzled and nibbled on her neck as I slowly slid her skirt up while the other hand massaged her wet clit. I couldn’t hold back my urge and desire as I unhooked her bra and ever so lightly grazed the underside of her tits. Her nipples were aching to be touched. Our tongues met and my knees almost buckled as she ran her tongue along the bottom of my lips. She turned towards me hungry for the feel of skin against skin as I removed my shirt. The light dusting of my chest hair over her chest teased her nipples. Our lips met in a deep kiss. Tongues dancing, flicking, exploring, hands moving, gliding over each other in our quest for satisfaction.

I suddenly gripped each of her wrists and withdrew from the kiss. I told her to lie on the bed. The sheets felt cool against the heat of her skin.

Hers:I couldn’t help but notice the drop of pre cum glistening on the end of his hard cock as he removed his pants making my mouth water to taste him. I moved to reach for him and he told me No! firmly, you just lie there. He reached to the night stand and picked up a blindfold and a long satin sash, leaned down and nibbled along the edges of my lips and he placed the blindfold around my head. Instantly my every sense was heightened. I smelled the candles, I heard the music playing softly in the background and shivered as I felt the satin of the sash tickle and slide up my legs, when it touched between my knees I couldn’t help but spread my legs. The crotch of my thong felt soaked as I felt the sash slide over it. I arched my back feeling ready to explode, slowly the satin slid over my abdomen, up to trace the curve of my tits, circling my nipples. I felt the mattress give as he joined me on the bed. When he moved to lie over me with his cock pressing against my pussy I felt my heart beat in my clit. As he kissed me I could feel his hands above my shoulders doing something but at this point didn’t care. He reached and again grasped my wrists; I felt the sash tightening around my wrists. I gasped and shuddered, weather in anticipation or fear I didn’t know. Suddenly I felt the cool air hit my skin in full as he moved off of me. I feel the slight pull as my arms move above my head allowing him to tie the sash to the head of the bed.

It’s dark beneath the blindfold; I can see nothing as I hear him moving at the bedside. I hear the ice rattle in the glass as he takes a drink and I lick my lips. He gently lifts my head placing the glass to my lips giving me a sip, as the cold drink slides down my throat I almost scream as he takes a nipple in his mouth with the cold liquid still in his mouth. The heat of his tongue alternates with a small piece of ice dancing around my nipple as he lightly rolls the other nipple between his fingers. I struggle to get a good breath as he again places cold drink in his mouth and trades to treat my other breast. He moves down my body with a piece of ice in his mouth, nibbling, licking then not touching at all. I whimper as I wait for the next touch and say Please!

I hear him chuckle and say please what my sweetie? I reply please, please touch me. I hold my breath waiting, listening, wondering when and where the next assault will be. My breathing stops and it feels as if my heart beat skips as without a touch I feel his hot breath suddenly poised above my crotch. I pull against the sash binding my hands as at the same time I am glad it is anchoring me or surely I would explode and fly away into pieces. My back arches again as I feel his tongue on my inner thighs, sliding his fingers inside me. He slowly slides them down, as they come away from my smooth mound I feel as if the moisture from my pussy slides down between the cheeks of my ass. I no longer feel his fingers or tongue.  He grasps my ankle to keep me from pulling my foot away from the sweet torture. Then he is gone again. No touch. No feeling. Oh my god I will die unless he touches me. I listen intently as I hear him moving around the room, trying to picture what he’s doing. My heart slows a little and I think OH yes as I hear him approach me. The mattress shifts as he returns to the bed.

My legs spread without the thought of doing it. The only thing in my head is yes, yes please fill me up. He takes my ankle in his hand lifting my leg to place it on his shoulder. I pull against the sash as he very lightly runs his fingertips from the curve of my hip up the back of my thigh. I’m spread, I’m open, and I’m dripping waiting on his thrust. I can feel his eyes on my pussy when he lowers himself to suck the inside of my leg. I thrust my hips up in reaction. He moves his other hand and traces his fingertip along my ass crack up, up closer to my wet center, then reverses sliding his fingertip wet with my juices back down to circle it. I shudder and gasp. He spreads his hand placing his palm under my butt. Alternating slow firm licks with light tongue tip flickers along my inner thigh. He grasps one side of my vulva lips between his lips, gently sucking, sliding his mouth higher towards my clit, and then releases it. He then sucks the opposite side of my vulva into his mouth. Again sucking his way higher, my clit tingles, throbs, waiting for his touch, I strain towards his mouth. Huuuuuuuuussss oh, oh god as he flicks my clit with his tongue tip. And it’s gone. I shudder; all I can do is think PLEASEEEEEEEE when I feel a fingertip slowly sliding around the opening of my pussy. I strain, I lift my hips as I try to get more, more inside me. He very very slowly until I want to scream slides his finger in me. I can feel my walls grasping, pulling trying to draw him in when he finally complies. My breathing stops again when he sucks my clit into his mouth. He begins a slow steady beat with his mouth and hand in time. Sliding the finger in, sucking and nibbling my clit, he adds another finger. My hips respond keeping time, then moving faster urging him on. Instead he slows. I will die; I moan and wiggle to no avail. He freezes, not moving until I’m still and panting. When he slowly slides his fingers back slightly then curves a fingertip inside me up. Rotating it, rubbing, small steady little circles on my inner wall, I buck as he finds my G-spot and gasp as he places a finger from his other hand on my clit. I shudder, whimpering as he moves the 2 fingers in time. Steadily circling, sliding, pressing until I shudder and shatter into a million pieces. He stops and freezes. When my breathing begins to return somewhat towards normal he moves his finger from my clit and slowly pulls his finger from inside me causing another round of shudders over my whole body. Leans down and kisses me deeply, I suck his tongue into my mouth wanting to take him inside me. He lifts my other leg to his shoulder and moves forward, I feel the head of his cock opening me. He eases in slowly as I strain up, grasping, trying, begging for more but he takes his time. It seems to take hours when finally I feel the head of his cock in the deepest part of me, throbbing. It only takes one small rotation of his hips to again rack me with shudders. As they subside he withdraws to just the tip and suddenly thrusts hard and deep, I can’t help but moan and whimper as we gain our rhythm. Stroking, thrusting, straining over and over, hard and fast until I feel his cock throbbing, pulsing, exploding inside me. He groans and we both explode at the same time.

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