She’s such a tease

She wore a short flowered dress
Generating a stare by everyone
Bending over the pool table
As she held her stick awkwardly
Her lips pouted with concentration
I imagined her caressing my dick
As she demonstrated so perfectly in her shot
She can’t play a shot of pool
But looked the perfect game
Taunting me with her touch
As she brushed my back as she passes
Knowing exactly what she’s doing
She makes sure to catch my attention
Every time her tongue teased her straw
As she takes a taste of her drink
Sending me crazy with every sip
If I could have taken her right there
I would have spread her across the felt
Threw her legs over my shoulder
And sucked her pussy without hesitance
My body heated with flashes of day dreams at night
Holding on to her soft body
Instructing her on the correct way to make a shot
Jacketing her from behind
My dick touching her ass
Wanting it to be lost deep inside her
With a faint scent of rudeness from her manners
Making it harder to concentrate on the game
I can’t help imagining with every shot
What sex noises will spring
From this goddess of a woman
The way she watches me makes my dick stiff
As it struggles with my brain for a space to occupy in my pants
As the night came to an end
Wanting so badly to take her body
We left each other with nothing more than harmless pleasantries
Every inch of me wanting to grab her sexy body
Knowing the pussy would cut like the sweetest of fruits
Wanting to make the most passionate love to her
And have it drip with approval
But no
I watched her walk away
Probably it was for the best
It was at least
Our first date.

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