A day at the Hypermarket

It was another hot Saturday in Kelana Jaya. I worked all day around the house and turned down an evening with friends. I just finished a long term relationship and didn’t want my friends inviting me in thoughts of feeling sorry for me. I was fine and happy for my freedom.

After a shower I decided to go grocery shopping, I was planning to go camping on Sunday and needed some items for my outing. I made my list and headed to Jaya Jusco, a popular hypermarket not too far from my residential area.

My list included wine and fruit which I headed for first, the wine display is two long aisles so the choices weren’t easy.

There you stood, this very attractive woman selecting a Merlot and asking me if I ever had that brand.

“I have not but I also prefer a sweeter less dry wine”, I answered.

“Oh, which wine would you recommend”?

I picked a bottle which I was getting anyway. This is what I’m going to try I’m not sure how it will be but it did have great reviews.
“Hmm, are you having a special meal with it”, she asked?
“No”, I replied, “just having it with cheese and crackers for dinner”, as I laughed.
“That’s your dinner”?

“Yes”, I replied, “I like doing that sometimes”. So, flirtatiously I asked, “Would you like to join me, this way you can see if you like it as well”?
Your shocking response… “of course, are you serious”?
“Sure I am, would you really like to come over this evening”?
“Hmmm, yeah, when? I’m kind of hungry and thirsty now”, I replied.

“OK, I’ll follow you”.

Wow, this never has happened to me before I thought, but this woman is sexy and I didn’t want to spend another Saturday evening alone.
We arrive at my house; thank God I cleaned all day.
I played some music while preparing our appetizers which included Gouda cheese, triskets and grapes. I poured our wine and decided to sit outside on the patio.

While enjoying the conversation, music and cool breeze from the paddle fans, “Cheers” as we toasted. I asked, “do you make it a habit to follow strange men home that you meet while grocery shopping”?
“Not normally but I didn’t find you strange”, we laughed and took our first sip. “What do you think”?
“I like it, very nice wine. So, do you usually pick up woman at grocery stores and bring them home with you”?

“Only ones I find attractive and willing, so to answer your question no, never”.

“So, you find me attractive”?

“I would have never invited you if you weren’t”.

It was then that I leaned in for a kiss which you not only acknowledged but invited me for more. Tasting your wet lips, my tongue slowly entering your mouth until meeting yours.

The kisses became more passionate as our hands began to wonder; when you didn’t stop me I maneuvered my hands further to your waist and past your tight ass until reaching your love chamber. You also did not hold back, sliding your hands past my belt with such desire.

By now my fingers felt your moist, no, soaked crotch with your silk succulent juices. My tongue licking your neck as I move back to your lips. I can kiss you for hours.

Laying you back on the lounge chair while still kissing you, one hand is unbuttoning your top while the other explores the wetness between your legs. I want to feel what pleasures you before my tongue enters your mound in dreams of bringing you to your first orgasm of many to follow.

You are already stroking my cock and feeling my pulses as we continue to kiss even more passionately than ever.

I remove your jeans the rest of the way, exposing your groomed inviting pussy. You spread your legs welcoming me as I lay next to you, kissing you while we explore each other.

You roll on top of me and grind your wet slit hard against my shaft, our skin to skin contact is amazing and our sweat is building as we continue to kiss passionately while my hands are pulling you tighter against me.

We are both moaning with such desire as I want to savor the moment of my cock between your moist lips while our tongues dance with delight.
You begin to slide down to my cock licking until your lips surround me; each stroke makes me want to scream. You continue rapidly, my fingers entwined through your hair helping with every movement until I explode as you drink all of me.
My fingers still wrapped through your silk hair, I pull you back to my lips kissing you once again ever so passionately.

I then roll you over and slide down your body slowly caressing your skin, I spill wine over your Luscious breast following the moisture which runs past your nipples to your belly button down to your hot pussy as I slowly lick the rim of your tasty mound. Your legs spread wide; it is there I reach my destination with pleasure. It is there I taste your saturated sweetness. Your swollen clit at the tip of my tongue as my fingers massage your pussy deeply. I love your taste, I love hearing you moan with complete pleasure, and the music softly playing jazz in the background with the candles flickering around us is complete ecstasy.

I feel you moan as you cum with extreme pleasure, fuck me, fuck me now.
I return to your sweet inviting tongue, deeply kissing as your legs are parted for my cock. You are soaked and I love that as I slowly penetrate your ever inviting cunt, your fingernails gripping my ass, while my arms around you as my hands are cupped on your shoulders for leverage, I’m thrusting deep inside you with rhythm while looking into your sexy green eyes, before our tongues meet once again. “Baby, I’m cumming”.

We both reach ecstasy simultaneously, the excitement of two people in lust. We sip more wine, I place a grape in my teeth once again meeting your lips as bite the other half.

I rise and pull you too me. We enter the pool to cool off, we begin more kissing and playing, you straddle me as my fingers once again massage your clit.

We exit the pool and enter the house, our clothes still outside. I walk you toward my bed and behind you I kiss the back of your neck and shoulders sliding my arms around your waist as you bend over, you place your hands upon the bed spreading your legs for me once again, You beg for my hot shaft, “fuck me” I push against your awesome ass. My cock enters your pussy for another long and deep fucking as we both tremble with more orgasms.

It is 4am and we are exhausted. I invite you to my place so we spend the rest of the night together. As we lay in exhaustion you mention how much you liked the wine as we both laugh.

Wait until the next wine tasting my sexy lover.

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