A public romp in KLCC park.

On my lunchtime break, my daily retreat
One hour a day, five times a week
Across form the garden, in the KLCC community park
Lunch on the bench, away from the race
Out of the office, an escape from the geeks

A place in the trees, near the gap in the hedge
I can see the sidewalk, and part of the street

A lovely back drop of the Petronas Twin Towers
The people walking by, lost in their thoughts
Except for the Cop, that’s working his beat
Just doing his job, looking around, checking it out
He sometimes turns and looks at me, nods his head
But doesn’t stop and never talks

But today, these things are not on my mind
What I’m thinking of is ‘Will she come by?’
Like she did yesterday and the day before
Taking the shortcut path across the grass
To the Dome restaurant, where I think she goes
In her business attire, a woman’s pantsuit
With a man looking shirt, except sometimes
She’ll be in a conservative skirt

I wonder if she knows, her sexy ass still shows
Wiggling, through the straight-cut of her suit
Her hair brushed down, in an old fashion way
She reminds me of a Flapper, I don’t know why
But it really turns me on!
I’ll bet a century ago, in nineteen-twenty
Everyone would’ve thought she was sexy

All last week she walked by, I think making a hint
Her smile is shy, but I’m sure, she wants to hook-up
If she comes by, I’m going to ask her to stop
Get to know her, a nice conversation, a little small talk

Then I saw her on the shortcut, wiggling her butt
My heart skipped a beat, but from lack of blood
Because it all went to my pants, making me hard
Her high heels, her suit, and her cute little feet

I said, ‘Excuse me; I’ve seen you go by, tell me your name.’
She didn’t tell me. She just sat down, close on the bench
She put her hand on my leg and said, ‘Don’t speak.’

She ran her hand up to my bulge and undid my zipper
Her slender fingers making me harder, even thicker
How good she felt, my mind went racing, ‘We’re in public.
How can I get her ass out of that pantsuit, and fuck her?’
I started to say something, but she shook her head, ‘No.’
With her full red lips, she gave me a kiss, and leaned low

And when her lips touched my dick, ‘Oh, God how good she felt.’
She took me all in, bobbing around
With her sword-swallower throat!
She had to be telepathic, she knew all my spots
Her tongue was an acrobat, her lips a dancing like a ballerina
And she didn’t even need to breathe!

Then suddenly I thought, ‘I’m in the park!’
And I looked about
I could see cars on the street, but their not going to stop
An old man in the garden, but he’d never know
He was in the rows weeding tomatoes

Someone could see us from the sidewalk….

But I soon lost that thought!
She was so gifted!
All I could think about, was the action of her mouth
As she expertly teased, every sensation, from every nerve
Taking me in so deep
Even my balls, were against her teeth

We were setting down, but she managed her face up
Her eyes looking at me, my bulge pushing her cheek
She looked so sexy,
Smiling with her eyes, because her mouth was full
Once she saw my expression
Filled with passion, overcome with excitement
She turned her head back down
And I knew her intention was to make me cum
Long wet strokes, up and down my entire length
All the way back, to the back of her tongue

My breath was ragged, rapid,
My volcanic burning pleasure was straining to erupt
Then I streamed into her mouth,
She swallowed what she could
But she was so hot, and she had me so turned on,
My balls gave everything they had!
Making me dry, I filled her mouth, some trickled out,
Oozing down the side
She made such sexy little gurgling sounds
As she licked up what she had missed

Then, suddenly, a noise near by,
The rustle of branches in the hedge
It looked like someone was watching,
Trying to see what we were doing, through the leaves
Just above the hedge, where the top was cut,
We could see cap of the Cop
He must have seen us, peering back at the hedge,
Because the cap rose up

The Cop came around the corner,
And his husky voice said to us

‘Good afternoon. I see you’re enjoying the sunny day.’
A double meaning there

A bead of sweat on his mustache, his face all red,
and he had a leaf in his hair

‘Yes,’ she answered him so sweet, ‘This is one of the best days I’ve ever had.’

Surprised I looked at her; her voice was so calm,
Her manner so cool
But then I noticed she had a little drool, a little left,
Wet on her face
And it looked like it was dripping, coming down on her chin,
Sliding a bit
Scared, I looked at the Cop, and it was plain, he obviously saw
The sliding too

But he just said to me, ‘I see you here a lot, maybe I’ll see you guys tomorrow.’

As he walked away, and only looked back, with a double entendre

She took her hand
And wiped up what was wet
And licked it off her finger
How could she be so cool
My heart was pounding, pumping, my adrenalin running
Not only from the best head have I ever had
But also from the thought

‘Well, we did get away, but actually we got caught.’

My voice was shaky, but I had to I ask

Why did she say what she said,
‘This was the best day that she’d ever had.’

‘Well, I’ve always wanted to meet someone
And pleasure them right then.
So what could be better,
Then to make my fantasy, a reality
On a sunny beautiful day?’

Then she smiled, and I don’t know why
But to me her face still looked shy
But not her words, they were bold, she said,
‘You will be here tomorrow?’

I admit I was shaken, still afraid,
So I asked her, ‘What about the Cop?’
She shrugged and just said.

With that shy looking smile

‘I don’t know, maybe he likes to watch.
But I know that you want to fuck me.’
So it will be better
And I know it can’t hurt.’

Then that smile again

‘When I come by tomorrow,
I’ll have no panty’s and I’ll wear a skirt.

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